QUESTIONS | How I got started & what made me keep pushing forward in this business?

I wanted to have a part of my blog to those who have questions.  That no matter the question I would take time to answer and to make sure I was honest.

So when it was asked,  “How I got started & what made me keep pushing forward in this business?” I felt this would be the perfect start to this part of my blog.

The silly thing is…  If you were to ask my Mom she would tell you, “You’ve always had a thing for pictures.  Always had a camera in your hands.”  So when my little pink sony camera broke about 5 years ago…  I asked my Husband to help me look for a new one.  I wasn’t expecting anything big or fancy.  I just wanted a new little camera that would fit in my purse, to help document my daughter’s silly moments in life.  But leave it to my Hubby to surprise me with a bigger camera.  He said,  “I want you to have something better.  So go learn.”  And well here I am!  After I had messed around a little with my camera, a dear friend asked me to help take pictures of her.  From there it is history.  I feel in love with helping people smile, helping people capture memories that would last a lifetime.  But I knew I just couldn’t ‘take pictures’ I had to learn.  I wanted to know my camera, her settings, other things needed to help us (my camera & I) capture those beautiful moments for people.  And well I made sure to get my hands on ANYTHING I could.  I wanted to learn, and keep learning.  In fact I still reach for books, online help, thoughts, & feed back from mentors I know and love.  I just don’t want to be known as a girl who ‘takes nice pictures’ but as a Photographer ‘who helps my clients capture memories like no other.’

And yes this photography world, it can be cruel.  There are people who will beat you down & not care one little bit.  There are other photographers who will critique the hell out of you without helping in any way.  And I admit at a time or two I let it get to me.  I allowed others to tell me I was NOT a photographer.  I read things that hurt like hell.

BUT, there are those photographers, family, & friends who embraced me and who helped me.  I’ve been blessed enough to have those mentors in my life.  Ones such as Sara Faison of Sweet Trade Photography, Ross Costanza of Ross Costanza Photography, & Amanda Hedgepeth of Amanda Hedgepeth Photography.  These 3 photographers are each different in their own ways.  Each have encouraged me to push past the jealous and hate that has been thrown my way.  They have taught me how to work, build, and become a better photographer.

I not only made sure to surround myself with amazing photographers who choose to encourage instead of belittle you to the core.  But who choose to teach & help other photographers reach the goals they dream of too.

So yes,  I choose to keep pushing forward.  I know I will have those who do not love my work.  Those who may not be my ‘ideal’ clients.  Those who look at me and see just ‘a girl with a fancy camera’ and no skill.  But that’s them!  That’s their view.  That’s their right to want to search for another photographer.  And it’s MY RIGHT to push forward and know that I am helping many capture memories that WILL last a lifetime.

You see, we all will have haters, we all will have those who will try to beat us down, those who will talk trash behind your back.  But that’s the thing.  They are behind you for a reason.  So stand strong & push forward in anything in your life.  If you have a dream…  Push for it!  Let that spark ignite!  And enjoy the ride along the way…  No matter how crazy or scary it is.  Because those moments that make you smile…  Are worth it all !!!

One of my MOST favorite images I have been blessed to capture!  🙂


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