Nathalie Stockton | Modeling | Virginia Beach

A Complete Beauty, A Natural, Purely Unique, And Beyond whimsical…  Are the words that come to mind when you hear of this young lady.

I was blessed to be able to work with Nathalie back in February.  Her Mom messaged me about working together…  And I was so excited to have honor of capturing such a beauty.  We kept in contact and messaged each other about photo shoot ideas.  Collaborating together to create the perfect masterpiece.

When the day came to meet up…  I was in shock to see such a well composed young lady.  Everything from her manners, skill, work ethics, and her detail to the things around her is something any fellow photographer could admire in a model.  She not only showed how truly amazing she was…  But showed what an amazing lady her parents are raising her to be.  Working with her you wouldn’t think she was so young.  She has one of those old souls, hidden behind a young face with porcelain skin.

Here are some of the images we captured together…  I can’t wait to have the honor of working with Nathalie again in the future.

Watch out world…  This young lady is going to be giving everyone a run for their money.

NATHALIE’S FACEBOOK PAGE  |  Nathalie Stockton

IMG_8329-005 IMG_8331-002 IMG_8417-002 IMG_8459-002 IMG_8468-004 IMG_8548-002 IMG_8552-003 IMG_8557-003 IMG_8571-005

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