Angelique & Antywane’s Wedding | New Years Eve Wedding | Norfolk Virginia

Angelique and Antywane will always hold a dear place in my heart…  You see they were guests at the very first wedding I ever captured.  They watched everything I did, learned of who I was, and searched me out for their very own wedding.  And did all of this knowing I was new to the wedding industry.  That in itself is something I am completely humbled by.  So thankful to see that they not only knew this about me, but trusted me, and fell in love with my work.  I will be forever grateful for them !!!  ❤

So when I received a message from Angelique explaining how she found me…  And that her and her fiancée wanted me to capture their day…  Well lets just say I was in a state of shock!  I had to reread her message a few times just to make sure I was NOT dreaming.  And thankfully I wasn’t,  lol.

Angelique is one of those souls that just scream LOVE!  When I had the pleasure of meeting her in person to talk about her wedding.  It felt like I was talking to an old friend.  She was so sweet, open to my ideas, encouraging, and all in all a photographer’s dream client.

When I had learned that she wanted to have her wedding on December 31st 2014 so that she could end the year and then ring in the new year with love…  I about died!  But not in a bad way!  In a way that I was beyond excited to capture a ‘New Years Eve’ wedding.  That this Bride was just as excited for her big day as I was to be able to capture it for her.

Angelique and I kept in close contact over the following months…  Making sure to capture her engagement session, information she may have needed, and to just be there if I was needed in any other way for her.

When her wedding day came…  It was filled with so much love, family, crazy friends, and well full of fun beyond anything you could imagine.  Having a wedding were everyone could feel the love that Angelique and Antywane shared for one another was something to be cherished.  And watching as their family and friends shared in those moments is beautiful beyond any words.

I always ask my Brides and Grooms to tell me how they met…  It’s a way I can better understand and learn about my clients.  So when I asked Angelique to send me a little something that I could share here on my blog.  She was more than happy to be able to send me something.

So here is a little message from Angelique on how they fell in love. ❤

“Antywane and I fist met at my birthday party on September 8 2012. It was just a casual meeting through mutual friends. We began having conversation regarding car repair and working out in January 2013. We the began going to the gym together a couple of days a week. All which led to our first date on February 22, 2013 we went to Ruby Tuesday and Azalea Inn. From then on things continued to grow as we became closer we decided to take a trip to DC the weekend of April 12 through April 14 2013. It was that weekend we both realized we were in love. For us it was easy to identify we were older and had both been married previously. They say with age comes wisdom and I guess that holds true for love as well. We began discussing marriage and to my surprise on a weekend getaway to Nags  Head for my birthday weekend he proposed on the beach a little after sunset on September 14, 2014. As our love continue to blossom we continued to try new adventures together such as Spartan Races overcoming physical obstacles together. We were married on December 31, 2014. What a better way to bring in the New Year with family and friends. I say you will find love when you least expect it.”  Angelique



Wedding Cake  |  Bliss Bakery

Music  |  Astro DJs

Wedding Dress, Grooms Tux, & Bridesmaids Dresses  |  David’s Bridal

Wedding & Reception Held At  |  DoubleTree by Hilton Norfolk Airport

Hair & Make Up  |  Behind the Veil

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