Bethany & Sebastian’s Wedding Day | Tabernacle United Methodist Church | Sandbridge | Virginia Beach

I’m not going to lie…  I’ve been sitting here for the past hour trying to put in to words what this Bride and Groom mean to me.  But everything I go to start typing just doesn’t do them justice.

You see Sebastian was some one I grew up next door to.  His family became apart of our (Callis) family.  I remember our families having dinner over each others homes every other night.  I remember Sebastian’s Mom Thirza making her beans & rice with eggs on Thursdays nights and heading over to our house to watch Survivor together.  I could tell you all the crazy stories our families shared together.  And how I still see Thirza and Steven Trippe as my other parents.  Their family was one to be cherished.  But the day came where their family got orders to move to Italy.  No one was happy to see them go.  But we knew it was another adventure in their families story that had to be shared with others.  Now we all hear the stories of how our friends move away and we never see them again.  But NOT this family.  When they came back home to the States it was as if nothing had changed.  They will always be our dear friends…  Our dear family.

So when I heard that Sebastian had fallen in love!  I just had to meet the woman who had stolen his heart.  I may not have grown up with Bethany like I did Sebastian.  But when you saw these two in the same room together.  When you see how they light up, giggle, tell jokes, and how they bring out the best parts of each other.  Well you then knew that Sebastian had found the love of his life.  The love God called to his heart.  The soul mate that we all dream of!

Bethany is such a sweet and loving soul.  Her smile is so energetic.  He jokes and comebacks are something that can leave you speechless, yet full of laughs.  I’m grateful to see that Bethany is now apart of the Trippe family.  I don’t think they could have found another perfect match to help build their family more as one.  Bethany is a light that any family would be proud to have as a daughter-in-law.

The day came when I was to capture the moment Sebastian and Bethany would tell the world they will take each other for the rest of their lives.  When those they call family, those they love, and those they call friends all joined together into this little small church to share in the joys together.  You could feel the love pouring out all around them.  There was no doubt that God placed the perfect couple together.


As a photographer I know I have to capture every moment I come across.  That is my job!  That is what is asked of me.  But my Brides and Grooms know that when moments of prayer happen I stop and respect those who are praying.  No one wants to hear snapping about of a camera when the pastor is sharing Gods word of prayer.  (although I know some photographers vary in thought when it comes to this topic)

But, in this moment when Sebastian’s Bride walked to him, and took her place beside him.  Their pastor asked for us all to close our eyes as he prayed.  I glanced up at that moment to see everyone with their heads bowed.  I saw how everyone had closed their eyes…  Yet this one soul did not.  I saw how Sebastian was looking at his Bride with such a love and glow that could leave you speechless.  In that moment you saw Sebastian’s LOVE pouring out on his bride.  It was like he was seeing his love for the first time ever.  Like he was thinking to himself,  “How could I have been so lucky to win her heart?”

There was just something so magical about that moment.  And of course as I tried to snap that image…  My friend turned his head and closed his eyes.

Bethany if you are reading this still…  I hope you know how I wish I would have looked up sooner.  How I would do anything to capture that moment again for you.  But I can tell you that I know for a fact that my friend Sebastian is truly, deeply, and madly in love with you.  I saw that moment.  And I will be forever grateful to know that you have his heart.  Sebastian is one very lucky man!  And I am forever grateful to call you my family as well.

I wish you both nothing but the greatest happiness in all the world.  Thank you for allowing to capture your love for one another.



The Church & Venue  |  Tabernacle United Methodist Church Virginia Beach

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Groom & Best Man’s Attire  |  Macy’s

Bride & Maid of Honor Dresses  |  David’s Bridal

Bride & Groom Cakes  |  Sugar Plum Bakery

Flowers  |  Bloom The Art of Flowers

Flower Girl Dresses  |  Kohl’s

Ring Bearer Attire  |  Target

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