Arianna Calvert | Wilhelmina Model | Virginia Beach | Virginia

There are these times in life where you meet someone and you just know without a shadow of a doubt just how much of an amazing person they are.  Arianna Calvert is one of those people.  I had the pleasure of following Arianna on Instagram for a while.  I watched how she posted amazing work, and saw how wild her personality was.  So when I received a comment on my Instagram asking if I was up for working together on a photo shoot…  Well how could I say no?

I’ve had the pleasure of working together many times on photo shoots with Arianna and her Mom.  They are such a pleasure to work with.  Always entertaining, loving, & ready with coffee in hands, lol.

I have to say I am going to miss them dearly.  You see Arianna just isn’t like all those other young faces out there.  She doesn’t just want to sit in front of the camera her whole life modeling for ‘Modelogic Wilhelmina’…  But is in fact using her Modeling to make her way through school.  She is graduating this year from the Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial High School…  And will soon be heading off to West Virginia this fall to attend West Virginia University.  (The exact title in which she is studying I am not sure.  But I know she has BIG plans to join the FBI)  Because when this young Lady puts her mind to some thing, there is NOTHING that will get in her way.  I can’t wait to see what she does with her life!

I hope that her Mom (Donna) is reading this…  That she knows just how much of an amazing your lady she is raising.  That if my daughter turns out to be just half of what I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Arianna becoming…  I will be one proud Mom as well.  I’ve been blessed to work with you both.  And I can’t tell you just how much I will miss your family.  Our crazy photo shoot adventures, early sunrise photo shoots, lunch and dinner dates, late runs for coffee, and all in all just being able to spend days with you both.

I pray that all of your families dreams come true.  And I look forward to following both of your adventures along the way.

Arianna you continue to kick-ass-and-take-names!  Because I surely can’t wait to say,  “I knew her when!”  God has an amazing plan for you.  And I know I may not be your Mom.  BUT,  I AM DAMN PROUD OF ALL YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED IN LIFE SO FAR!  ❤

Please keep in touch!  And make sure that if and when you ever venture back to Virginia Beach…  You stop and say HELLO!  Because I will be here waiting.


aka The Short Photographer, lol.


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