Brett + Andrew | Wedding | Virginia Beach

The day I heard one of my dear friends was going to be getting married to an amazing man…  I was overjoyed!  I’ve known Brett for about 6 years now.  She has been there for me in so many way.  She was even one of my friends who helped push me into the Photography world!  Anyone who knows Brett knows the amazingly strong woman she is.  They know the love she has for all those around her is one to be admired and adored.  So we all knew that when the day came for Brett to say ‘I do’ it would be to a man who would forever understand and cherish all her heart had to hold for those she loved.

I’ve heard many stories when it came to Andrew…  But the truth is…  You don’t have to hear those stories to know for a fact how deeply in love he is with our dear friend Brett.  The look of sheer-joy he gives her when he thinks no one is looking, the way he kisses her forehead when she giggles, and the way he speaks of his Bride…  You can truly see just how in love he is with Brett.  So it doesn’t matter the stories, how long I’ve known him, or if we never really met at all.

But, the thing that matters the most is…  That our Brett is cherished by a man who holds her closed to his heart.  And that is worth so much to us all.

During their wedding you could see the ties between family and friends.  And like most families that pull together.  You could see that there was no difference between one and the next.  The moment Brett & Andrew said ‘I do’ forever…  That was the moment their families became one as well.

watching how everyone during the reception enjoyed each others company, hearing the stories being shared, crazy dancing all around, amazing food, music, and all in all the LOVE that everyone showed to one another was a gift in itself.

Being able to be apart of such a wedding is something I will never forget.  This was a wedding for the books.  A true love story to be shared with all.

The vendors for this wedding were all friends of the family!


Ceremony & Reception Venue  |  Virginia Beach Moose Family Center

Wedding Dress  |  Maya couture designer was Maggie Sottero

Cupcakes  |  Lynette Harper

Wedding DJ  |  Darrell

Catering  |  Kacy Payne

Flowers  |   Erica Lahring-McQuerrey



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