Iryna + Jonathan | Ukrainian-American Wedding | Chesapeake Virginia

A Ukrainian beauty living the American dream…  Falls in love with the American man of her dreams.  It’s like one of those stories you read about.

I had the pleasure of having a photo shoot with Iryna over a year ago.  I learned of her through our church.  I got to hear her speak one Sunday about her Ukraine home.  I loved her passion for her home country.  She was eager to tell the world of her counties struggles and how we could better help and pray for them.  We kept in contact over that following year…  And when I learned of her engagement to Jonathan, I was excited to find out they wanted me to capture their special day.

Knowing I would be capturing these two souls in our very own church (the church I too was married in) was an amazing feeling.  watching how two cultures were coming together as one to bond each other for the rest of their lifetimes was truly a gift.

I watched how even though Iryna’s family could not be there in person…  But that they were able to Skype and be there in spirit to watch their young beauty say ‘I do’ to the love of her life.

We all take for granted those moments of when our loved ones can be by our sides as we take the next step in our lives.  It was a blessing to see Iryna and Jonathan did not take that for granted.

Capturing the moments of how these two cultures and souls made sure to make this wedding about each of their families, capturing how the tears filled their eyes as they said ‘I do’, seeing how much family really meant to all those there, and seeing just how God was pouring his love on these two souls was beautiful beyond words.  A gift for anyone and everyone who shared in their moments together.

I know I will never forget this wedding.  And all Iryna and Jonathan shared with us all on their special day as they became one.  ❤

Some of the vendors for this wedding were friends of the family!

Church Venue & Reception  |  Redeemer Church 508 Centerville Tpke N, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320

Flowers  |  Ashley Barton

Wedding Cake  |  Galina Schipel


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