Victoria Hollis | Portraits | Modeling | Virginia Beach

I must be one of the luckiest photographers ever!  Again I had the pleasure of capturing another beauty.  Victoria is one of those young ladies who doesn’t even know she is a diamond in the rough.  She is one of the sweetest, most polite, and caring young souls you will ever meet.

About 5 months ago her Grandma messaged me about capturing her granddaughter in her cheer leading uniform, while also doing a fun photo shoot with her.  And of course I couldn’t say no.  So when the day came to capture Victoria, I was excited beyond belief.  You see there are those times that a photographer is setting up a shoot and messaging a client back-and-forth that you just know all the amazing images you will be capturing with them.

Working with Victoria was one of the sweetest shoots I have ever had the pleasure of capturing.  She was so fun to work with.  Between her ideas, beauty, her ability to take direction well, and her bravery for walking barefoot on the beach in December was moments any photographer can be grateful for.

While working with Victoria I learned she too had a love of photography.  Soon I will be meeting up with Victoria for her very own mentoring session with Tashena Shaw Photography.  I can’t wait to help her grow in her love of photography as well.

I just have to say though…  Meeting and working with Victoria and her family over these months has been a blessing in many ways.  I am blessed to have such amazing clients who continue to bring me such joy.  I loo forward to many more sessions with this young lady.  I hope her family knows they are doing a terrific job raising this beauty.  Because she is most definitely a light to be proud of.

If her Daddy is reading this…  I hope he knows he will be needing to get his shotgun ready soon.  Because this beauty will be breaking many hearts.  🙂




*For Anyone Else Who May Be Interested In A Mentoring Session With Tashena Shaw Photography…  Please Feel Free To Email Me.  I Would Love To Work With You All Too!*

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