15 RANDOM FACTS | Something Fun | Get To Know Your Photographer | Virginia Beach

I get asked all the time to do these…  So here goes one.  Thought it would be perfect for a Tuesday night Blog.  Some facts people know…  Some are just because…  And others very few know about.

1.)  I make my own face & body scrubs.  The coffee body scrub is my FAVORITE!

2.)  I was homeschooled from the 9th grade on.

3.)  I watched (ever episode) and collected The X-Files.  I know so much of The X-Files I can even tell you Fox Mulder’s badge number.  AND YES,  I’M VERY PROUD OF THAT, lol.

4.)  I’ve never been out of The United states.  And I HATE flying!

5.)  I LOVE Ireland…  I hope to one day visit there.

6.)  Growing up I was terrified of Halloween.  So much so I would cry and refuse to go get candy with all the other kids.  I even clawed my Moms arm one time I was so scared.  Now my Husband and Sister like to bring me to haunted houses and all…  Just to get a good laugh because of how I scream,  lol.

7.)  I have a lip gloss and chapstick obsession!  So much so my husband lost count of how many I had.

8.)  The Gardenia is my all time favorite flower.  I wore one in my hair on my wedding day.

9.)  Everywhere I go I always have someone telling me I look like Mila Kunis from ‘That 70’s show’…  But I don’t see it…  AT ALL!

10.)  Family and Friends tell me all the time how I am way to nice…  And I always go out of my way to fix a relationship.  I’m a people pleaser.

11.)  I love having candles all around my home.  I freak out if I think my home smells bad in any way.  My husband laughs at me (in his loving way) when he walks in and I ask how the house smells.  CRAZY I KNOW, lol.

12.)  I watch The Gilmore Girls OVER and OVER every day.

13.)  I would much rather be curled up on the couch with a good book and a cup of coffee.

14.)  As many know…  I’m a HUGE coffee junkie !!!  My favorite coffee is a Starbucks Triple Venti White Mocha.

15.)  I have a box full of Coca-Cola things I have collected over the years.  I refuse to drink Pepsi.  NASTY!  Ugh.  lol.

***Hope you all enjoyed.  If you have any random questions for me…  PLEASE feel free to leave a comment and ask away.  I will answer them!***

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