Tuesdays Together | The Rising Tide Society | Virginia Beach

That moment you walk in the room full of amazing ladies and think to yourself,  “This feels like home.  So blessed to be here right now.”

If you haven’t read my last post about ‘Tuesdays Together’ and what it is all about…  Please feel free to go back and check it out.

Today was one hell of a day for me.  Everything and anything was falling apart around me.  Between my son going crazy, bills piling up, my gallery NOT uploading images correctly (which I am still dealing with), a list of crazy things to get done around the house for this week, and so on down the line…  I just about gave up trying to make it to todays meeting.  But then my Husband made sure that I got there.  He made sure I had time to get ready and took care of the kids.  I don’t think I would have made it there with out him.  ❤  If I never said it before…  I am beyond THANKFUL for such an AMAZING husband!  He is such a gift and light in my life.  ❤

Our meeting was at Panera Bread today…  So of course I walked in and said hello…  And made sure to go and grab a java to sit and relax with.

As I was sitting there I realized that these Ladies weren’t just a dream…  That they all were full of so much love and were still encouraging each other like before.  That last months meet up wasn’t just some fluke.  That this really was a group of supporting ladies.  Those who choose community  over competition.  And I found myself grateful to be there again.

This week we spoke about apps and websites that can make our lives a little better.  That helped us build our business and that helped us bring more time to those we love.  We spoke of sites like 17 Hats and Smugug.  Apps like Instagram and PASS.  We spoke of ways to build our blogs better and how to use hashtags to reach those around us.

I was amazed to see how are little group last month had grown…  Tonight 19 ladies showed up.  Ladies from all sides of the business world.  Photographers, Make-Up Artist, Woman with insight to the social networking world, Ladies who help make cards and build site, and so many other sides of business you wouldn’t even think of.  All of who brought something to share, something to help each other grow.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to be around ladies who share the same passions in life, and who choose to use their gifts to help others grow.  IT IS TRULY WONDERFUL!

I can’t wait for our next meeting July 14th 2015 next month.  I can’t wait to see what else we talk about.  And I can’t wait to see these beautiful faces again.


(Here are some iPhone & screen shots from tonight.  Please don’t mind the blurriness of some.)


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