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You know me…  I’m honest with my life, my family, my thoughts, my past, and well my photography as well.  So after I have received my latest comment about my camera gear I wanted to scream.  I admit I receive comments all the time about my camera.

– “That’s a little camera.  Sure it can take good pictures?”

– “WOW!  And you’re a photographer with that camera?”

– “Such a small camera for a wedding.  (While showing me his camera) My camera is bigger, better and was more pricey.”

And while I can understand some people are not fully educated about a camera and all that it takes to capture a great image…  I still find it funny when a fellow photographer will try to belittle you as well.

Yes, I WANT and DREAM of a bigger and better camera.  I understand all I can add to my portfolio by having one.  I understand my pricing can then change and I can offer more to my clients.

But you know what ???  I like many have bills, I have a family, I have 2 children to take care of, I have other obligations that sometimes come first before ‘wants’ in my life.  I refuse to go into debt because others feel my camera isn’t big enough.  I am saving to get that camera body I dream of.  But when my children need food on the table, when a medical emergency pops up, when you find out family needs your help…  Well then one must put NEEDS in front of WANTS.

I will get there one day!  I will be able to get every supply I dream of.  But for right now I am adding one thing at a time.  I am making sure to know everything I can about the supplies I do have.  I make sure to NOT just buy that ‘BIG’ piece of camera gear…  With out knowing how to use it first.

Anyone can have that big sparkly piece of gear…  But not everyone can have the passion and drive to make sure their dreams come true.

I’ve always been honest about what I have, how I work, and where I want to end up at the end of the day.  And I know that when I do show up to a shoot, wedding, client…  I am delivering everything I say I can.  I make sure I know what my camera can do & I push to make sure that my camera isn’t the only refection of my work and style…  But is in fact an extra side and reflection of my photography.

I want to build my clientele and make sure that those I have worked with in the past see and understand my passion for the photography world as well as understanding I too have a family and bills to take care of.  That building a dream doesn’t just happen over night.  It takes hard work, dedication, strength, and love to make all your dreams come true.

I never want to feel like I was just handed my dream.  I want to work for it.  And if it takes me years to get there, if I have to work with many clients to build an amazing portfolio, if I need to sacrifice things to get where I dream of being one day…  Then that’s just what I will do.

So never underestimate this short little lady you meet…  Because one day I will be that Photographer everyone is talking about.  I will help show others that you can have dreams and get there.  I will be that Mom who can say she is proud of how she built her photography business.  I will be that wife that can look at her Husband and know it wasn’t just handed to us.  We worked for it.  We made others dreams come true.  We made sure to care about those along the way.  And that every client I had the pleasure of working with was captured in the same manner and was treated with the love and respect they too deserve.

My dreams will come true!  No matter how long it takes…  Or the crazy turns down that long road I take.

My camera supplies as of this post. (Taken with iPhone)


24 Replies to “Well You’re Just Not Good Enough… | Camera Gear | Photographer | Virginia Beach”

  1. When I first started my business I also was rocking a rebel . I photograph weddings and portraits with for a long time and also had to listen to comments about my gear from guests and fellow photographers who would make fun of me because some guest would have better equipment . I would tell them: “I bet they are shooting in A mode ” and so they did . 😜 You will always find people with larger lenses and better cameras because they have the money to spend but not the knowledge , the understanding of light or the creativity . I did eventualy upgraded to full frame but I still have my Rebel , it is close to my heart . My point rock your rebel in time a better camera will come along . Always remember that yes having good gear (expensive ) helps but your creativity its what sets you apart .

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  2. Yes, I remember beeing asked often in my first 7 years as a weddingphotographer, if I’m doing this as an hobby. Aka: your camera is too small for beeing professional. But because I started with nothing and had to save for each camera, that was just how it was. Not to mention: only men have asked me so. Because I not working full time, it took me 10 years till I was able to by my dream camera 5dm3, and I’ve not been asked this question again. So here we have the proof for the “the-camera-makes-the-photographer-nonsense” in most peoples heads. But it does actually say NOTHING!

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  3. I loved your article. I have recently learned that if you want to start a photography business you need to think of it as a business. In my current day job we use the term ROI (return on investment). If I buy a $4,000 camera I would have to shoot quite a few sessions to make ANY ROI. In my current business plan it states that I have to gross 3 times the cost of new equipment so for me to buy a $1,000 piece of equipment, I would need to sell $3,000 of work. That puts some money in my pocket and pushes me to get more work. Keep it up! Have fun. There are MANY Ex-photographers who invested tens of thousands only to find that it took them 4+ years to break even.

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  4. Great post! I have been doing photography on the side because I work full time for the past 6 years. There are an abundance of other photographers in my area that have huge cameras and do great work. Howevee, I also get that look when I pull out my “little” camera all the time. So, I completely understand where you are coming from. I think mastering each level of photography will only make you that much better!

    I must say KUDOs to you for making it work with what you have. Your work is amazing too!

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  5. Good Post. I shoot a Pentax K10D, a Nikon D7000, and a Nikon Coolpix P600 with various Lens’s. It took me years to get this camera gear and like you I’m proud of what I have. I don’t have expensive camera Lens’s, either. Can’t afford those big $3000+ Lens’s and don’t think I’d really want any. I’m not a professional at all. I just enjoy shooting what interests me. I enjoy shooting at Historical area’s. I do the best I can with what little knowledge I have. I’m learning all the time and want to keep doing so. I can’t afford expensive Photo Editing programs, like Photoshop CS6. They are nice, but not very practical for me. Be happy with what you have. There are other people out there that have allot less, and some that have more. Be Well. Les


  6. I went to shoot my first wedding as a favour for a friend turned up and saw someone with a massive camera… Instantly thought he was a professional and felt really nervous.

    Once I was situated in the church he came over to me and complained he couldn’t get decent photos ended up explaining to him how to use his massive piece of kit that must have cost the earth.

    Looks can be deciving no one should judge a book by its cover or a photographer by its kit.

    Couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said.

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  7. Last August I went to shoot my first wedding as a favour for a friend. When I Arrived I saw a guy supporting a massive piece of kit and instantly thought they must have hired a professional. This made me even more nervous than I already was and I almost wanted to turn the car around.

    It wasn’t until I was set up in the church that the guy in question came over to me and asked me why his photos weren’t coming out that I realised I’d made a mistake in my judgement.

    Just shows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or in this case a photographer by their kit.

    Your photos are beautiful. I firmly believe it’s about the person behind the camera as much as its about the camera itself.

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  8. Right with you, sister. I learned early that fancy equipment is nice, but not necessary. I took an art class, and we had to paint a piece of work with a twig each of us selected from a pile on the table. The pieces that were created that day were incredible…no sable brushes, no expensive palette knives….just a stick.

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  9. An amazing, professional, well experienced photographer once told me as an encouragement, “It is not the body, nor the lense that makes it amazing, it’s the eyes and imagination behind it..” Just an encouragement for you,.as it has helped me. I dream of gettingba good camera and doing weddings. I am still in the beginner stage. It’s a huge passion of mine and I love capturing those moments words just can’t describe. Keep up the good work, your photography is outstanding. Your a new favorite of mine.

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