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Dear Future Bride,

We do not know each other.  You may have never heard of me.  You may have been sent my way by a friend.  You may have even found me on your own by way of social media.  You may have even been following me for a while now and I never knew.  But however you found me…  Thank you!  I will be forever grateful!

Do you know why ?

Because you my dear took time to search for the perfect photographer to show the love you have for your fiancée.  To make sure your day is documented with love and respect.

And yes you may still be searching for that perfect photographer.  You may not even think I am the fit for you.  But I am grateful because you took time to stop here and read this letter.

You must feel so overwhelmed right now?  You must have so many crazy emotions running through you?  I just ask that you take a moment right now and breath…  Take a deep breath, and take it all in.  Take in that moment your love asked you to marry them.  Take a moment and look at your engagement ring.  Are you doing this ???  I hope you are!  Because these moments are ones to cherish.  Moments that will also use to help you choose your wedding dress, the style, venue, and all those crazy details to your wedding story along the way.  So remember when the planning and searching starts to drive you mad.  Just remember to breathe and think back to that moment you ‘said yes’ to your love.  Because I promise…  the moment you do that…  everything will fall in to place.

I want you to know…  That I know those crazy feeling you are going through…  because I too was a Bride.  I remember those moments, planning, and wanting to find a wonderful photographer to capture my wedding day.  And because I know those feeling.  I know all those moments.  I can better help you with yours.  I can better help you capture those memories that you will cherish forever.

I want you to know that when you say yes to choosing Tashena Shaw Photography as your wedding photographer…  You will receive a photographer, wife, mom, and life long friend who will be by your side on the day you become one with the love of your life.

When I have been chosen to capture your wedding…  I give my all.  I give 100 plus percent of myself to every image I snap, every moment I capture between you two.  I make sure to capture those little details, whispers, smiles, stolen kisses, and love between you two.

I don’t just capture those ideal wedding images…  But I take time to make sure I capture those canned moments that you are distracted by on your special day.  I want to make sure I document your wedding in a way that speaks of you and your love.  Because I know each wedding and love story is unique in their own right.  I understand that you are going to place every detail to your day.  You are going to want to make sure that the littlest details are not over looked and just placed in time for all to forget about.  But that when I capture those details…  I capture them in a way that shows off so much love, time, and dedication that you and your fiancée put in to your wedding day.  After all your wedding day, style, and moments are about you two.  And you should have images to look back on every year of your anniversary…  You should be able to smile and think to yourself,  “What a beautiful day!  I cherish every image I hold in my hands right now.  I would say yes all over again if it meant sharing in a wedding like this again with my love.”

That’s how I look at my wedding images.  That is what runs through my head when I am showing clients their images from their wedding day.  And I understand that if I myself can cherish such images…  That my Brides should be able to do the same as well.

After all these images are captured for a lifetime.  They are there to show your friends, family, children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren.  These are moments to last a life time.

I hope that I am blessed enough to go on this journey with you!  I hope that as you finish reading this you can have just a small understanding of the love, hard work, and dedication I want you to experience as we capture your wedding day together.

So Dear Future Bride…  I hope I have the honor of being your wedding photographer!  ❤

Much Love,
Tashena Shaw Photography







“I would not be able to express in “words” all that Tashena & her husband, Michael, provided for my daughter’s wedding! Everything my daughter and future son-in-law wanted to have captured was taken care of. Thrilled when she agreed to fly out, ahead of the wedding day, to walk thru the outdoor environment and ceremony setting, to ensure she knew exactly what the Bride & Groom wanted. Her professionalism & expertise were so welcome! She captured everything the couple wanted for their photos & more! As Father of the Bride, you would be very hard pressed to find any better service than what Tashena Shaw Photography provided for us!!”

-Rick (The Father Of The Bride)
-Wedding Date: 08-29-2015


This one was from my very 1st wedding I was ever blessed to capture.  ❤

 Tashena Shaw Photography is forever grateful to Jennifer and Jason.  ❤

“Tashena was amazing! Every bride worries whether or not they have chosen the right photographer… I mean, this is documentation that will last forever. I was surprised, however, at her professionalism and the photographs delivered. She was outstanding! I believe that my husband and I were the first couple to hire her for a wedding, but the pictures were incredible! The entire day was so hectic, but Tashena remained calm and collected and was willing to listen to all of our specific requests and she was still able to photograph important events without “getting in the way”. I hardly noticed her, but she was able to capture the most significant moments. She also went out of her way to please both my husband and I, and I would recommend her to anyone needing a professional photographer for any occasion. She was kind, patient, and even felt like part of the family. When we all started getting stressed out, Tashena kept her cool and did her job perfectly. I am more than happy that she was the photographer for our wedding day, because she did such an awesome job.”

-Jennifer (The Bride)
-Wedding Date: 06-29-2013


“Tashena did a remarkable job from the time I reached out to her, several months in advance of the wedding, throughout the entire process up to post wedding updates. Communication and detail are very important to me, and since we live in Texas, and she lives in Virginia Beach, the entire planning was done long-distance. When I came to Virginia Beach in July 2015 to finalize things and visit venue, etc., it was just as important for her to meet me, as it was for me to meet her. I was impressed by her desire to really get to know the couple, and their personality prior to the wedding day. She was able to match her professionalism and style with our own.

After I met and had coffee with Tashena, I really like her as a person, and felt that she genuinely cared about making our day special, and capturing all of the moments that we wanted. There’s a trust you feel with her, and that helped me relax from planning time, all the way up to our wedding. She was wonderful to work with on our wedding day with her easy going personality, flexibility, and willingness to be open to what we had in mind. As a bride, you sort of felt like she was there as one of your support resources!

I would highly recommended Tashena for any couple planning to get married. Not only were her prices reasonable, the quality of her work was incredible. Our pictures are beautiful as she captured all of the special moments we desired, and more, so that exhibit so much emotion. Excellent photographer with great style and professionalism!”

-Bridgette (The Bride)
-Wedding Date: 09-19-15


“I had the benefit of watching Tashena shoot her first wedding and when it was time to select a photographer for my wedding I knew where to go. We had to change our wedding date and Tashena worked with the change without issue. She goes above and beyond to capture the perfect shot. Tashena is professional, caring and compassionate. She has a true passion for capturing the perfect picture. I highly recommend her for your wedding and any photography needs you have.”

-Angelique (The Bride)
-Wedding Date: 12-31-2014

***More Testimonials Can Be Found On Our WeddingWire Account***

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