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Today was such a beautiful day!  I decided to take my daughter for a walk.  We love our walks together.  Doesn’t matter where we choose to go.  We love to explore and see what is around us.  We use that time to talk about whatever is on our minds.  And today as we were walking to 711 for a slurpee we looked up and saw the sun hidden behind the clouds.  But not just any clouds…  These clouds were in the shape of a heart.  We thought it was so perfect.  My daughter stopped to look at it and told me,  “Look Mama!  A heart.  Doesn’t God paint pretty pictures?”  And as I was looking too…  I saw a beautiful picture.

We kept walking and talking about her week, about her summer camp she starts tomorrow, and all she is hoping to take from it.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to know my little beauty can be so open with me.  I’ve always (and still teach) my children that we have no secrets in our home, no secrets with Mommy and Daddy, that we can share and speak how we feel openly without fear of getting in trouble.  As long as we speak with respect for each other.  Mike and I agree that when we stop our children from sharing their thoughts and views…  We are then teaching them to hide all the feeling they have.  And that’s just not a healthy way of growing up.  So I enjoy these moments and walks I get to share with my Daughter.

On our way back from 711 we stopped by a little lake that had wildflowers growing everywhere.  We decided to pick some to take home.  But as we were looking at them I felt God was wanting me to use that time to teach my Daughter something close to my heart.

As we were picking the flowers I heard my Daughter say,  “I wonder who put these here?  They weren’t here all the years before.  Someone must have taken time to help them grow.”

I reminded her that when we are at home and planting our flowers we can’t just plant them and walk away.  We have to return to our garden and pull the weeds, pick the dead tops of the flowers, and make sure every flower and plant is growing with love.  Because if we are to just walk away and never return, the weeds would take over and destroy the beautiful garden we worked so hard for.

My Daughter then started to ask me…  “Well why can you just leave these flowers?  They do fine on their own.”

And I don’t know what it was…  But I know God was reminding me of something I was told years ago.  So I shared it with my little beauty.

I told her how anyone can plant seeds and walk away.  That there are flowers that will grow and change.  Then there are flowers that need more love and attention then others to continue to grow.  Just as we can try our hardest to walk the right path, learn to do good, but with out God we will be taken over by the weeds and bad things in life.  Any one can plant seeds.  But it is God who adds the water from the sky, sunshine from the heavens, and allows those wildflowers to flourish in the wold.  Just as we have to take care of our flowers…  God takes care of us.  That nothing can grow and thrive in this world with out God’s hand in it all.

For a moment as we were talking I thought I might have over spoken.  That maybe she was just picking away at the flowers.

But then she stopped and looked my way.

She started to tell me,  “Well Mama.  I know God planted seeds in our family.  So lets leave some flowers for others to see Gods beauty too.”

I agreed and we started to walk back home together.  Enjoying our slurppees and talking about life.

On our way back home we passed an older gentleman and what looked to be his grandson.  My Daughter without a care in the world stops to say hello to this man.  She looked him right in the eyes and said,  “Hello Sir.  How are you?”  This older gentleman giggled and obliged her with his hello and how he was doing.  He told her she had beautiful flowers.  And that God has beauty all around us.  He then looked at me and praised me for raising such a well-mannered and bright child.

I found it funny that while we were picking flowers I was teaching my Daughter how God has a hand in everything…  And then to hear this gentleman say the same thing as I was to her.  It was refreshing!  It was a blessing to see my daughter light up while speaking to this man and his son.

We as parents forget that in every day there is moment we can teach our children morals, stories, life lessons, and even how God has control in all corners of our lives.  And after today…  I belive that was God showing me just another side of how he weaves his children in and out of the world and connect us all together.

I’m grateful for my walk with my little beauty.  She shows me each and every day just how amazing life is, how much beauty there still is in this world, and just how much our Lord is lighting the spark in her heart.  Showing me that he has the final say and teachings of his children.

Some iPhone Pictures From Today.

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