Brittany Dixon | Old Dominion University | Graduation Day | Virginia

The day you show up to capture an Old Dominion Graduate…  And you feel as though you got a front row seat to a family you will be forever grateful for.

I will admit I was nervous as hell that day.  Fearing the what, why, where, how, and if I could capture great images on a day and time that the sun was at its most unforgiving.

But all of those nerves and fears washed away the moment I saw them!  The moment I watched as this family was filled with such joy.  The moment loved ones gathered around Brittany you could see the pure love that was pouring out on her.

Brittany graduated with a Bachelors in Science with a degree in Biology. She also commissioned in to the Army as a Medical Service Corps Officer.

Now I know I was there to capture this young lady and show off her many accomplishments…  But I couldn’t help but notice all those around us as well.

Watching how there were so many cultures and families all coming together to celebrate their loved ones graduation day was a blessing.  Watching how older souls pulled closer the youth around them.  How Moms and Dads were filled with tears and giggles.  Watching how the call of 2015 showed such hope for our future.  That there was such hope all around us.  There was a feeling of gratitude that day.  seeing how in the midst of such heartbreaking days, a world that seemed to be falling apart around us, a time where people were being divided for many reasons…  I watched how all of that washed away and this young generation gave light to all of those around them.

We take for granted what a good education can do for us.  We take for granted those moments of pure joy.  We take for granted the freedoms our country has.  But in this day and time…  It was such a beautiful sight to see.

I will be forever grateful to the Dixon Family!  They allowed me to be apart of a moment in time that will live with me forever.  They treated me as family…  And not just the photographer who showed up to do a job.  I don’t think they will ever understand the love I saw from the outside looking in.  But this is a family to be adored and honored.  They are what America is all about!  A culture and family thriving in the great United States Of America!

I wish Brittany nothing but the best in life.  I pray she conquers all her heart desires.  I pray she always remains close to those she loves while taking on the world around her.



2 thoughts on “Brittany Dixon | Old Dominion University | Graduation Day | Virginia

  1. Patty says:

    Thank you so much for being a part of it and taking incredible pictures. I look forward for you being part of our upcoming events, youngest graduating college, weddings and grandkids. Keep up the great job and making everyone feel so comfortable while being such a professional photographer.

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