I Challenge You To… | Personal & A Secret | Virginia Beach Photographer

I will admit I am terrible at making time for prayer.  I am terrible at making time for our Lord.  I fit him in where I can, when I can, and when I am fearing something in my life.

YES, I just said that!

I would much rather sleep then get up early for devotions.  Any Mom with a child(ren) under the age of at least 5 years old can understand how sleep is like gold.

You are probably thinking to yourself,  “Why in the world would you admit that?  But you post about faith and praying.”

I admit this because it’s the truth.  I admit this because I know I am not alone in this.

But, I also know that we all have our struggles and bad moments with our faith.  And I for one know how much I should make time for our Lord.  Because He is always there for me.  He makes time for me when I need him.  So why can’t I do the same?

The truth is…  I’m selfish.  I think of myself and that little bit of extra 30 minutes I can sneak in to my day of precious sleep.

I know through the day I pray and talk to God.  But that’s just like texting a friend.  It isn’t giving my all.  It isn’t putting time in to prayers and devotions with our Lord.  It isn’t personal.  And all though I know that even a little prayer and talking to God…  Even if it’s while doing the dishes, taking a shower, or just taking the dog for a walk.  I know that those are okay times to talk to him.  Yet, I know it’s not enough.  I know our Lord wants us to seek more than just a few minutes with him here and there.  He wants ALL of us.  He wants us to NEED him as much as he needs us.

So I have challenged myself to start tomorrow with 5 minutes of prayer.  And each day I will add 5 more minutes.  And so on…  And so on.  So that by the end of the week on Friday I have reached at least 25 minutes of prayer and devotions with our Lord.  I will make sure to NOT have a TV on, radio on, cell phone by me, children running around.  And if this means I have to get up earlier, or jump in bed later…  the that’s just the way it will be.

SO I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO THE SAME!  Even if you don’t have a relationship of any form with our Lord.  At least here you can start one.  Take that first 5 minutes to say hello!  To ask for strength and compassion to all those you encounter through the day.

I feel that starting out with at least those 5 minutes…  it can then turn in to bigger and better prayer time with out Lord.  There are moments I have time to pray and talk with our Lord.  And when I am done…  I walk away feeling refreshed and renewed in him.  And truthfully…  I WANT MORE OF THAT!  And as a child of God I know he wants more of me.  So I need to invest more time in him.

I pray many of you take on this little challenge as well!  And if you do choose to join in.  Leave your name.  Maybe even a struggle you are having.  So those that read this can to see they are NOT alone.  And we can pray for each other together.  ❤

I hope you join me this week.


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