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Often we are told that we must make sure everyone and everything around us is happy.  We especially as Moms and Women tend to make sure we are last in line, last in everything, and last even when it comes to our very own health.  We stop and fuss at our friends, family, and our very own children when we see they are being taken advantage of.  We get so upset when we see those we love are not being taken care of in the best way possible.  We tend to allow everyone to walk over us, we tend to make sure everyone is taken care of, we tend to tell ourselves ‘later I will soak in a bath, I will make time for myself, I will take a vacation, and so on down the line.’ But then the end of the day, week, month, year comes and we are left wondering where am I?  Why didn’t I take time for me?  Why am I always putting off ‘me time’?

And I understand this doesn’t apply to all Moms & Women.  I understand there are some AMAZING Men/single Fathers who are in the same boat.  And I understand more than anything that sometime we can’t make that time for ourselves all the time.

But those times we can…  We end up feeling guilty.  We end up feeling ashamed that we were happy to go and enjoy a hot cup of coffee before it gets cold.  We feel sad when we are out and enjoying a meal to ourselves without having little fingers reach onto our plates to steal food.  We are horrified at the thought of being able to escape out of the house for a night of drinks with our girlfriends.  And there are even times we are so sick with the flu that we hate ourselves for not being the best Mom and taking care of our own children, while down for the count.

But, why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we feel the need to hate taking time for ourselves?

I can personally tell you that I struggle with these many things and then some.  And yes I have an amazing, supportive, caring, and loving Husband who is beyond happy to take a day with the kids so I can breathe and take time for myself.  But I still struggle with all the guilt and hate within myself.  Like I am doing something wrong.  Like I wasn’t allowed to breathe, enjoy a meal, have that hot cup of coffee, or just a night out with the girls.  I return home with a sense of sadness.  Feeling guilty for enjoying myself.  Feeling guilty for being away.  Or then on the other hand I return feeling as if I should be bowing down and thanking my family for not complaining I was gone for an hour or two without them.  Like I have to make sure they are okay and I am not a terrible Mom for taking time for myself.

But you know what ???

I am WORTH it!  You are WORTH it!

I am WORTH that time alone!  You are WORTH some time alone!

I am WORTH being able to make ‘me time’ and not feeling guilty for it!  Just as you are WORTH being able to have ‘me time’ and not having to feel guilt for it!

We as Moms and Women…  NEED to understand our worth.  We need to understand that if we are NOT taking time for ourselves.  If we don’t take time to walk away and breathe…  We are of worth NOTHING to those we love.  The moment we can realize that our loved ones are better when we as Moms and Women take time for ourselves…  Then we are and return in a better state and manner to better take care of our jobs, homes, children, families, and those we love.

We need to understand ‘Our Worth’ is worth so much…  AND NOTHING LESS!  We need to understand that even just telling someone “NO!” so that we can breathe, enjoy that cup of hot coffee, or even that meal with no little fingers taking our food…  That it will be okay to say “NO!”  And that when we return… our homes, children, and families will be just fine.  Because we were able to take time for ourselves…  We are learning our very own WORTH and NOTHING LESS!

So please…  Don’t feel guilty for taking a moment, or night out away from the house.  Please know that you are worth that time to breathe and enjoy yourself.  Even if it is locking that bathroom door and enjoying a bubble bath all to yourself.  (well if you happen to have a clean tub/bathroom at the time, lol.)

But none the less…  Enjoy your worth!  And remember you are WORTH it!

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6 thoughts on “Your Worth… AND NOTHING LESS! | Personal & Inspirational | Virginia Beach Photographer

  1. Lori Stead says:

    Oh, the guilt! Mother of four, here, and I’ve learned to do for me, as well as for the family because I’m part of the family. But that guilt… still comes creeping back. I love your article! Excellent and relatable post!

    Liked by 1 person

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