Brandon + Victoria | Rainy Day In Love | Virginia Beach Ocean Front

Young love plus a rainy day!  With these two full of giggles and smiles all around you couldn’t tell by their session that it was raining at the beach.  These two made a rainy day look like heaven.

Between the childlike laughter of rain pouring on them, with the oceans waves crashing around us, and the dark clouds moving in faster…  It was almost a photographers nightmare.  But with Clients like this who cares about rain?

Towards the end of our session one of the Virginia Beach life guards came running up to us.  he told us we had a few more minutes finish up our session before the real storm moved in.  And although we knew we were just about done anyway…  We decided to take those extra minutes to play around in the rain some more.

I swear Brandon and Victoria never showed one sign of wanting to run away…  but instead embraced the weather and made the best of it.  And by the looks of these images…  I SAY THEY DID AN AWESOME JOB!

It’s clients like Brandon and Victoria that make me LOVE what I do even more.  They were a real joy to capture.  Looking back at their session you can see the real love between them.

Who cares about age, rain pouring down, perfect make up, a perfect image to be captured when you have that love that makes a rainy photo shoot feel like an everyday sunny day at the beach.  🙂

IMG_5301-002 IMG_5320-001 IMG_5354-001 IMG_5367-001 IMG_5373-001 IMG_5434-001 IMG_5445-001 IMG_5517-004 IMG_5582-001 IMG_5631-001 IMG_5677-001 IMG_5706-001 IMG_5778-001 IMG_5812-001 IMG_5887-003 IMG_5898-003 IMG_5934-001 IMG_5956-001 IMG_6015-001 IMG_6049-001

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