Erin + Nick | Session In The Rain | Virginia Beach Ocean Front

We waited all month for this session.  The day came…  And we woke up to a day full of thunderstorms.  (And although if you ask anyone I know…  I’m a HUGE fan of thunderstorms!)  But that day I was so upset.  I was looking forward to seeing and working with Erin again.  But I knew I would have to put this session on hold for the safety of my clients.  After all no one is going to want to dodge lightning bolts while smiling in the rain,  lol.  But then as the time got closer to capture these two…  We saw that our summer thunderstorm turned into just a rainy day only.

So after a few message back and forth and realizing these two love birds wouldn’t let a little rainy day get in the way.  When these two were willing to brave the rain to go out and capture some images with me…  Well those are some AWESOME clients.  I was so excited to see that Erin and Nick were more than happy to meet me in Virginia Beach just to go play in the rain together.

It was a short session…  Maybe 20 minutes.  And you can’t really tell by most of these images that Erin and Nick were being poured on.  Yet these two kept the smilies and giggles coming.  They made a gloomy session turn in to a bright mini-session full of rainbows and butterflies.

I hope that I am blessed to work with Erin and Nick again in the future!  If you are reading this Erin & Nick…  I can’t thank you two enough for coming out and sharing your smiles in the rain with me.  🙂

IMG_6208-001 IMG_6223-001 IMG_6236-001 IMG_6266-001 IMG_6321-003 IMG_6346-001 IMG_6390-001 IMG_6459-001 IMG_6565-001 IMG_6614-001

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