To Better Us… Is To Understand You | Surveys | Virginia Beach

Well as a photographer I am always looking for ways to better connect with my clients.  Ways to better reach those who haven’t found me yet.  Ways of showing that photography is much more than just standing, smiling, and snapping a pretty pictures.

So after a lot of thought and challenges.  After taking a few photography classes to invest in to my photography business…  I decided I want to better understand my clients.  I want to make sure they understand that I am MORE then just the one who snaps pictures for them and walks away.  Because I never want my clients to feel that way.

I am someone who strives to make sure when I am capturing you and those you love, I am doing it in a way the best shows you and your moment in time.  I am someone who invests herself in to her clients, brides, friends, families, and even those who need encouraging along the way.  I am more than just your photographer.

Now that I know where I want to grow and the type of Clientele I am searching for.  I wanted to create a safe and anonymous way for my clients and followers to give honest feedback.  I wanted to see what I am doing right…  And if not how I could change.  So I created 2 types of surveys for now.  One is a basic customer survey.  The second one is about our Blog here.

I hope that if you are reading this…  And are a fellow client and or follower of Tashena Shaw Photography…  That you take a moment and leave us some feedback.  Help us to better help you!  After all that is why we are here.  We enjoy the many smiles along the way that we have the pleasure of helping to capture.  And we want to continue that amazing relationship and to capture those amazing moments with you all.  ❤

Each survey will take no more than 2 minutes each.

Thank you in advance to those who take our survey.  You are one of the many who are helping us to better ourselves and how we help you.



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