How Do You Move Past The negativity ? | Inspiring | Personal | Virginia Beach

I can’t count how many times I receive Facebook comments, messages, emails, and yes even text messages BASHING me at every turn.  I’ve heard it all.  So many rude and hurtful comments.  And in the beginning I will admit it bugged me to no end!  I spent so much time crying and wanting to end my photography dream.  But some how I pushed forward!  I refused to allow others to kill my dreams.

*I made sure to remind myself that if I started to read something rude…  I would STOP reading and delete it.

*I made sure to surrounded myself with encouraging friends and family.  That those who made negative comments or belittled me in any way…  I would then remove myself from them.

*I made sure that when a bad thought would cross my mind…  I immediately started to pray.  I would ask God to remove those thoughts.  I would pray that our Lord would show me the path in which HE and ONLY He wanted me to take.

Not every day is easy.  Not everyday do I sign on to my Facebook or go to check my emails do I see floods of messages and inquiries.  There are days I want to scream.  But I remind myself that I WANT to work for my dream!  I don’t just want it handed to me!  I don’t want to just get lucky.  I want this dream to be built with hard work and love.  I want my clients and potential clients to see my LOVE of photography, and the love I have for capturing their event and memories.  I WANT my photography to be made…  NOT GIVEN to me.

You see the thing is…  WE ALL WILL HAVE THOSE HATERS!  We all will have those people who bash and belittle us at every turn.

But you know what ???

That’s okay!

It’s okay because the reason that HATE comes our way…  Is because they see greatness in us that they can’t see in themselves.  They fear and hate that they are NOT strong enough to push forward and make their dreams come true.

But we…  The STRONG…  The ones with BIG DREAMS…  We fight for every great thing we have.  We fight to make sure we put our all and best in to every part of our business and dreams.

Now you might not be a fan of Taylor Swift like I am.  But she has the perfect lyrics to go with those negative and rude people.

“So don’t you worry your pretty little mind, People throw rocks at things that shine.”

And well that’s the TRUTH!

THINK ABOUT IT!  Nothing great in this world comes easy.

You want a diamond?  Well it was once coal that was under so much pressure it became that beautiful diamond every girl in the world wants.

You want that pearl?  Well you have to swim to the depths of the ocean and find the perfect clam to share what they took to make for so long.

The greatest gifts take hard work to get to and have.  So don’t let some pressure STOP YOU from becoming that diamond the world wants.

So remind yourself of your dreams to come…  And move past those negative post, emails, comments, and use that pressure to make your dreams like diamonds !!!

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14 thoughts on “How Do You Move Past The negativity ? | Inspiring | Personal | Virginia Beach

  1. Katie Whitcomb says:

    Great advice! I’m in the middle of reading “Happiness is a Choice” by Barry Neil Kaufman as I move into a therapy training for my son with Autism and it has completely revolutionized so much about how I see life and what matters and how to handle negativity. You’re handling it with grace and self-acceptance. Keep it up.

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