Ryan Alejo | Artistic Portraits | Virginia Beach Town Center

It’s that day…  The day you have a session with a Model for a local magazine.  But then you receive a message from the model saying she can’t make it on the day of the shoot.  And of course I can only shoot the session for the magazine that day because the images have to be turned in right away.


I admit I was panicking for a few…  Till my husband says,  “Hey!  What about Ryan?”

You see Ryan is one of our dearest friends, more like family to us.  He is one of the sweetest souls around.  An amazing friend who you know you can always count on.  So of course when my Husband mentioned Ryan I said YES!

Thankfully our dear friend showed up on the spot.  Ready to go and more than willing to help.  HE WAS AWESOME!  And although I had to change the style idea right away.  From a girly shoot to something more manly…  I knew Ryan would be the perfect fit to help me pull it off.

we ended up at Virginia Beach Town Center…  Ryan showed up all ready to go.  He was an AMAZING Model!  Willing to try any idea I had and even gave some of his own.  I was beyond blessed to have Ryan stop what he was doing to help a friend in need.

Here are just a few of the images we have captured together.  And I am thrilled at how they turned out!  I can’t wait to work with my dear friend again.  🙂

Thank you Ryan for always being that guy we all love!  That friend and family who is always there when he is needed most.  I will never take your friendship for granted.


IMG_3834-002 IMG_3906-002 IMG_3920-002 IMG_4368-002 IMG_6084-005 IMG_6187-001 IMG_6296-004 IMG_6390-003

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