Confessions Of An Evil Photographer… | Humorous | From One Had To Another

“Oh,  I so could take my little 4’10 self over to him.  And KICK him in his shin and run away with his camera.”

Yeah, that was one of the many thoughts that ran through my head.  But first let me set the scene

At the end of the school year our Daughter came home with an application to a summer camp.  She had just learned about it at school and that she only had one day to get the application back to her teachers for her chance to get in.  We knew after reading over everything that the chance of her getting in was VERY SMALL…  Going up against all the children in the Hampton Roads area was going to be a challenge.  But like I know and some are still learning…  NEVER tell our Tashina she can’t do something.  Because she will prove you wrong.  We were excited to help her fill it out.  We made sure to explain the chance of her getting in.  The chance of this happening.  And if she didn’t it wasn’t the end of the world.  After all we believe that encouraging our children is the way to go.  NEVER say they can’t.  But always make sure they have those they love to fall back on.

Our Daughter came home a few days later and informed us that she got accepted in to Pharrell Williams (The Founder Of The) camp ‘From One Hand To Another.’  And of course our family was overjoyed.  We knew the many things she was going to walk away with this chance.  We knew she would have the greatest time and meet new friends.  We knew that she was going to be learning so much.  So of course we made sure she went!

Towards the end of the camp we learned there would be a BIG graduation for all those that got accepted and finished this summer camp.  Well the day came.  My Husband came home early.  We got the family all cleaned up and looking nice.  We jumped in our Jeep, and took our little beauty to her graduation she worked so hard for.  After taking her to meet up with her class and teachers my Husband, Michael, And I went to find our seats.

As we were sitting and waiting for all the children and their families to arrive we watched as news channels, photographers, and videographers all started to set up their gear.

But here is where the evil thoughts started to come in to play.  As I was watching everyone move about I saw this one guy with a camera and lens I have been dreaming of.  He didn’t have a camera strap on it.  Just holding it by his side and not paying attention to what he was doing.

And then I looked at my Husband and said,  “He has my camera.”  And of course my Husband laughs.  He is always encouraging and giggles when I see other photographers working.  But that night…  That photographer was different.  And so was I,  lol.

I kept thinking…  “Just one good kick.  I can take him.  The door is right there.  I can run.  Maybe not fast…  But if I kick him hard enough I can get away.  There’s not many people here.”

And of course my Husband stopped me in my thoughts and said with a giggle,  “What are you thinking?”

I didn’t skip a beat,  “Is it wrong I want to kick him and run with his camera?”

Leave it to my Husband to reply,  “Yes.  But go ahead.  I will hold his legs.  I’ve got the kids.  You run!”

Sadly for one moment I was ready to do it.  I wanted that camera.  I wanted that lens.  And I would have kicked him hard and ran like hell, lol.

Anyone who knows me KNOWS…  I’m not that person.  I want to work for what I have and dream of.  But it was still funny and I giggled at myself and the cartoon playing in my head of my little 4’10 self kicking a grown man to the floor just to run away with a camera.

Yeah.  I’m.  An.  Evil.  Photographer.  lol.

I promise though…  I was good.  I stayed in my seat and watched my baby girl smiling from ear to ear as she enjoyed her graduation.  I watched how Pharrell Williams Skyped in and spoke with the children in the audience.  I watched how every child was proud of all the hard work they put in to their summer camp and all the learned.

It was an AMAZING feeling as Tashina’s Mommy to watch our child shine and filled with joy as she took in all the things around her.

So yes I may have had evil thoughts for a moment…  But I was good.  I stayed and didn’t kick that Man in the shin and run away.

(So if by some small chance that man (photographer) is reading this.  I apologize for evil thoughts of beating you up and running away,  lol.  But hey!  I’m sure at some point you may have had those thoughts with another photographer too,  lol.)




A quick picture before we go… Michael with his Sissy.


I LOVE this picture. He so loves her. Always stops to smile at her. ❤


One of the 1st kids there… Waiting for everything to start. She was giggling with her friends and pointing at the pictures of her class on the screen.


PROUD little brother waiting to see his sister graduate! ❤


Watching more kids come in…


so grateful our Daughter had this chance. She learned so much. Every day she was excited to go, and came home to tell us everything she had learned. ❤


Pharrell Williams himself speaking to the kids through Skype because sadly he couldn’t make it this year. 😦


If you look on the screen you can see our little beauty with her diploma with a big smile and so very proud! ❤

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