Leave It To The Photographer To NOT Keep Updated Family Photos. | Life Of A Mom | Virginia Beach Photographer

Oh, Yeah!  That moment you are looking at your refrigerator and realize the last time you did family photos was when your son was only 6 months old and your Daughter was 5 years old.  Now they are 3 & 8 years old.

That moment you slap yourself in the forehead and think,  “You’re a photographer.  You should know better!”

So now I will be calling up my favorite photographer Sarah to set up a family session.  Because here and there selfies with your family DO NOT COUNT!

But then my Mommy-In-Law needed a family picture for the Pickle Family Reunion.  So this photographer set up her camera to get some quick simple photos snapped of us to send to their Gram.

By the way…  I know I capture families and animals all the time.  BUT IT IS SO MUCH EASIER WHEN YOU ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CAMERA !!!  Not so easy when you are trying to get everyone to look and smile while holding the camera remote to capture us all updated, lol.

Just imagine…  Setting up the camera…  Jumping to the couch…  Smiling and trying to get the kids to giggle and look at the camera…  Then your golden retriever jumps in for the family photo…  But chooses to get love instead…  All while trying to get the perfect smiles.

After a few minutes, we gave up!  lol.

So here are two family photos of our crazy, natural, right before bed, Life as you know it, Mommy it tired, dog is nuts, kids are wiggling way to much, LET’S JUST SNAP THE PICTURE NOW PHOTOS!

One of the BIG reasons we are NOT a ‘Picture People’ family, lol.

We are the candid kind of family only!  I’m sure some fellow Mommies can get a good laugh at these photos.  🙂

Please don’t mind the non-edited, just posted images.  Just goes to show…  OUR ‘REAL’ LIFE MOMENTS IN OUR FAMILY.

But hey…  These are still images to cherish!  And we do!

IMG_8647-001 IMG_8706

7 thoughts on “Leave It To The Photographer To NOT Keep Updated Family Photos. | Life Of A Mom | Virginia Beach Photographer

  1. Wendy says:

    I was just realizing myself that most of the photos on my wall now are my 8 year old daughter and none of my teen boys – partyly because they don’t like photos, but I need to change that! Good reminder and funny story!

    Liked by 1 person

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