Psst! Hey, You! I Have Something To Tell You. | Encouraging | Virginia Beach Photographer

I FEEL IN MY HEART I SHOULD SHARE THIS:  To any photographers here who feel they are struggling, who feel they help others so much with nothing in return, to those who may be losing faith, or those who just feel like giving it all up.  PLEASE HOLD ON!  Have faith!  I was once there (still am some days.)  But after many struggles and tears I realized there was only one of me and my style.  Thankfully I learned to surround myself with other photographer who build each other up…  Instead of tearing each other down.  I’ve learned my worth!

This week I’ve had other ‘big’ photographers (who I admire in the Hampton Roads area) reach out to me for help.  (YES, TO HELP THEM.)  Because they saw my growth and passion for what I do.  I’ve had inquiries telling me that other photographers have sent them my way, and praised my work.  We all have those dark days and moments.  Those terrible clients who make us want to give up.  The camera gear we feel we are being laughed at for.  Even other jealous photographers who make us feel less than we are worth.

But please I beseech you!  Stay!  Work!  Grow!  Dig deep and hold on!  Remember why you picked up that camera to begin with!  YOUR TRUE CLIENTS KNOW YOUR WORTH!  And yes,  you are worth so much to your community.

So hold on!  Surround yourself with the great, those who inspire you, those who make you want to dream big, those who see your worth.

Because…  WE NEED YOU TOO!  There is work for us all!  Don’t think there isn’t.  Don’t let others tear you down.  And those who steal your dreams, energy, and passion for your work break you down too.  As my Mommy-In-Law always tells me,  “Weed the garden.  God will help you if you only ask.  God will pull those weeds away who strangle the true beauty a garden has to show the world.”

So don’t be afraid to weed out those who make you feel less than your worth.

Please keep pushing forward!  And share your beauty with us all.


4 thoughts on “Psst! Hey, You! I Have Something To Tell You. | Encouraging | Virginia Beach Photographer

  1. Carmen says:

    Oh yes Ms. Tashena! Love this post, thanks for the encouragement to keep hussling! It seems like there is nothing for two or three weeks on end but if I keep my feet moving forward projects all pop up at once.

    Liked by 1 person

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