Detours + Never Ending Roads | Destination Wedding Photographer | Iowa

I was in this beautiful place, this small town in Iowa… Capturing small town life and images I found to be unique, and well just cute. And I realized as I was standing there I was thinking, “I want to make my photography business something different, something more. I want to continue to be a destination photographer. I want to TRAVEL! I want my photography to be so much more than my Virginia Beach home.”

CRAZY I KNOW! You’re probably thinking I’m nuts. And well I’m kinda thinking that too, lol.

But you know what ??? I don’t care if it takes a week, month, years, I will get there and I will make THIS happen.

I’ve watched over these years so many people I know just give up on dreams because they weren’t working. I’ve even watched myself take detours… And having to pause on my love of photography so I could take care of my family, pay bills, and put my photography on hold because my pregnancy with my son was high-risk and I was forced to take it easy. I watched how every time my dreams got closer I had to take another detour down a never-ending road to only God knows where. And each time I had to put my goals and dreams on hold I found myself upset, angry, and hating my everyday life. But let’s be honest… It was pure depression I was dealing with. The feeling of being trapped with the ‘going nowhere’ feelings.

And even though I cherish my life, family, husband, and children… I realized I was wanting more.

I know I was being told you HAVE to take care of your children, you HAVE to be home everyday and night, you HAVE to put your dreams on hold because your children come first. YOU JUST CAN’T HAVE IT ALL !!! But if I have learned anything in life. It’s the fact that chasing after my dreams and making them come true wasn’t hurting anyone and I COULD HAVE IT ALL. It wasn’t hurting my life, husband, children, or friendships. But was in fact enriching them! Watching my Daughter light up when her teachers ask what her Mommy does… Watching my son jump up on the couch beside me to go through images with me I just captured from a session on the beach… Watching my Husband light up at the fact I am proud of the wedding I just booked in another state again… watching my friends praise me for my work & inspiring me to keep pushing forward. To me it was those things that made me excited to WANT more and chase after it.

So I don’t care what other detours come my way… What other never-ending roads I am forced down. I know our Lord is placing these places, moments, detours, and CRAZY roads in my way for a GREAT reason. And I will happily accept the challenges I am faced with. After all… I was reminded that our Lord places us in front of things, places us in moments, and will never just leave us alone… But instead He WILL pull us through it. Because HE our Lord brought us to it!



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