Jennifer + Scott | Engagement Session | First Landing State Park | Virginia

Oh, these two make me just want to scream! But when I say that… I mean it with all the joy in the world. They are a couple that every photographer dreams of. They are happy, fun, silly, cute, and just a dream to be around. Their love pours out on each other like none I have ever seen. I love how there were moments I would step back an allow them a moment between each other. To me as a photographer that’s when ‘REAL’ moments can be captured. That’s when I would watch Scott pull Jennifer closer, whisper in her ear, and watch as she would giggle. When I first met these two I knew they would be the perfect couple to capture. They complement each other at every turn. Watching how Scott would make a silly face when he thought no one was looking… And in return Jennifer would do the same. They so reminded me of my Husband and I. How we too make those silly faces and comments when we think no one is looking at us. Maybe it was seeing their young love the way I saw my love with my Husband is what made me fall in love with them more. But whatever it is… It’s a pure joy to be around… A dream to capture.

I just can’t wait for Jennifer and Scott to tie the knot. These two make me LOVE what I do even more. Such LOVE!

IMG_9201-003 IMG_9293-003 IMG_9422-006 IMG_9561-005 IMG_9679-002 IMG_9722-003 IMG_9791-003 IMG_9811-002 IMG_9878-002 IMG_9903-005 IMG_9976-002 IMG_9976-003

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