Gareth | Senior Portraits | His Faith | Virginia Beach Ocean Front

Just when we thought we were going to get washed out of our senior portraits session. Then our Lord ends up blessing us with an afternoon full of sun and a wonderful breeze that was coming off the ocean. And although the sand wasn’t playing fair that didn’t stop us from having fun with this session.

When you see a young man full of love, smiles, respect, and out pouring love for his faith… That’s just something to admire. Seeing how Gareth was so open about his love for his family and his love for our Lord was what made me even more excited to capture the uniqueness of this young man. I wanted to make sure that each change and image captured was true to Gareth. I didn’t just want to pose him like any other. And I really didn’t want to just have him sit and smile. So when Gareth said he had brought his guitar and bible… I was beyond thrilled. Knowing this would better show the true love of this young man in these images was something I was excited to capture.

Through out our session Gareth took direction like a pro. He was open to any idea I gave him. He even played along with his Mom as she would stand close by me and make silly faces at him. The looks between them was only something a Mother and Son could have. It was such a joy to watch them interact with each other.

I was so blessed to be able to capture this young man! And I can’t wait to hear the many stories of his adventures in life. Because if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Gareth you will know and just feel that our Lord has a great many things planned for this young soul. I wish Gareth nothing but the best! And I can’t wait to work with him again in the future.

IMG_2032-006 IMG_2067-001 IMG_2107-001 IMG_2136-002 IMG_2142-002 IMG_2199-002 IMG_2209-001 IMG_2272-001 IMG_2358-001 IMG_2436-002 IMG_2445-002 IMG_2446-004 IMG_2471-001 IMG_2471-005 IMG_2592-001

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