Willson + Brandon | Engagement Party | Southern Morsels | Norfolk Virginia

Watching families come together for those they love… Seeing how families came from afar to join in and celebrate the engagement of two souls… What could be more beautiful?

When I was asked to capture such an event… I was beyond thrilled. Then learning that a fellow photographer (Erika Mills) who I admire dearly was the one who referred them to me. Well that is some thing I will NEVER forget or take for granted. Such a blessing it was and still is!

I watched how much time and love was poured out on this couple. I watched how details were added to this restaurant (Supper – Southern Morsel) that just showed how loved this young couple were to all of those around them. I captured all I could… Making sure to show the laughter, details, groups, families, and even showing the hard work these families brought together for those they love.

And all though I know I didn’t know a soul there. Being the one on the outside feeling as though I was capturing moments I shouldn’t have… Listening to stories of the couple in love… Seeing the children play… Watching how this young couple smiled and embraced every turn they made… Well those were things that made me feel NOT so far away, not as if I was just there to document, but was there to share in their joy as well. Having their families come up and say hello and ask if I needed anything. Well if that gives you any idea of the LOVE and kindness these families and friends have for one another… And don’t know what else will.

I will never forget this event and this couple… And the love, joy, and fellowship these families brought together that night.

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