Laura + Scott | Wedding | The Brenton Arboretum | Iowa

Whimsical. Natural. Majestic. Just three of the words that describe this one of a kind Iowa wedding.

The day I meet Scott I watched how he lit up with such joy when he would speak of his love Laura. It was unlike anything I have seen. There was a spark in his eyes. As he looked at her and told us their story it was like he was living it all over again. But what was even more special was watching Laura look back and smile at him with that same spark. You could see that when they were looking at one another… It was as if they were the only two in the room. This was a true joy to see. Such a blessing to be apart of.

These two souls couldn’t have picked a more stunning place to say their vows together. The Brenton Arboretum in Iowa is a place unlike any I have seen before. If Iowa wasn’t full of farm land I could only imagine what Iowa could hold. So many weeping willows, wild flowers, ponds, birds, butterflies, and just natural and loving home to all those who love the out doors and mother nature. If you ever have the chance to visit Iowa I hope you make time to venture to the gorgeous place. I swear you will walk away with a whole new respect and love for nature.

Laura and Scott now have a place they can always return to. A place that they can walk around and remember that their love was tied in a place so peaceful.

I know as a photographer this was a once and a lifetime opportunity to capture. Watching how two souls made sure to keep those they loved close to their hearts. How I was able to travel all the way from Virginia Beach to Iowa to then be able to see a whole other side that our country has to offer.

There were moments during this wedding that pulled at my heart. Moments between Laura and Scott after they tied the knot and no one was around to see. Moments of watch their Daughter smile and giggle. Even moments of tears falling from a young girls little face as she was overjoyed to see her Mommy say yes to Scott, a man she would call her Father now. Seeing how family pulled together to make this wedding one of a kind for souls that matched each other perfectly.

Not many times do photographers get to capture a love like this. Get to tell a story of a small town wedding and the two souls who came together for better or worse. I’m thankful and blessed to be that photographer they picked. I am lucky to have been able to tell just a small part of their story.


Ceremony Location – The Brenton Arboretum 

Reception – The Vista at The Brenton Arboretum

Dress – David’s Bridal ‘Galina’

Shoes – David’s Bridal ‘Betsey Johnson’

Wedding Dress Sash – Pronovias

Grooms Suit – Ralph Lauren

Grooms Shoes – Johnson & Murphy

Brides Rings – Zales

Grooms Rings – Greenberg’s Jewelers 

Bridal Bouquet – Made by the Brides Mom

Rentals – Ocean Atlantic Rentals

Cake – HyVee in West Des Moines Iowa

Cake Decorator – Ashlee McDonald

Caterer – The Radish Dining and Catering in Grimes Iowa 

Officiant – Jessica Wietzke 

Violinist – Marjorie’s violin studio

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13 thoughts on “Laura + Scott | Wedding | The Brenton Arboretum | Iowa

  1. Tiffany says:

    Adorable!! I love the details that you shared, and you are very correct; you can totally see their love resonating through your images! Congrats to the happy couple 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • ShawBlog says:

      OMG! And they have the BEST relationship too. I’m in love with the last two images as well. True happiness in her eyes… PLUS her friends who helped her too. Those are my favorite. ❤


  2. Shannon Graham says:

    Wow! That bouquet shot against the ground is so beautiful – and the bride with her veil in the lower left side of the frame? AHHHH, I die! It’s so perfect! This wedding was so lovely. You had the perfect overcast skies for the day, too! Gorgeous work!

    Liked by 1 person

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