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Let’s be honest…

When I first started out I didn’t know a thing about photography. I knew I LOVED what I did. I knew I loved capturing moments when I was out with friends, sitting up at the pool, capturing my family, or just all around playing with my camera. But then my little pink Sony camera died. I was heart-broken. That was the camera I used to capture my little girl’s first years of life. But then my wonderful Husband Mike surprised me with a new camera. I was thinking it was my same little pink camera. Just an upgraded version of my old one. Β But nope! A big box showed up at our door. A box that held a Canon camera. And from there my world was opened up to a whole other way of capturing images.

I had so much to learn. So much I didn’t realize about settings, lighting, posing, and all around photography.

And that’s when the fun began! After each image I would capture… I knew I wanted to get better and stronger as a photographer. I knew that those I watched around me in the photography world seemed to be so amazing at what they did and yet I was sitting back and thinking I was a failure. I was nothing. So like most people I reached out to those around me. I asked for help. I asked if anyone would mentor me. I asked if those I admired would allow me to tag along and learn. And in return I would pay them. help them at shoots, or help in any way I could.

But the thing was… I had so many doors SLAMMED in my face. I was told so many rude and upsetting things. I was even laughed at for wanting to grow. I was even laughed at for my ‘little’ camera as I was told it was.

But that forced me to push myself in other directions. To learn and grow wherever I could. AND I DID !!!

Thankfully along the way I was blessed to meet such kind and open souls in this photography world. Ones that were open to teaching and helping you grow. Ones that didn’t look down on you if you asked a silly question. Photographers who in fact made you feel like part of the photography community.

And now after years of hard work, long nights, many photography classes, mentoring classes, and even tough lessons in this community… I have realized I want to give back! Β I want to help other future photographers! Β πŸ™‚

I believe it is only fair to keep the faith, and help fellow inspiring photographers like I once was. I want to give back in so many ways. And I feel like now I can. After all I believe we get in return what we put out in the world around us. And I know the feelings I had when I was bashed and turned away when I asked for help. And I want to make sure my fellow growing photographers NEVER have that door slammed in their face when they ask for my help.

So with that said… I want to start offering mentoring classes. I want to help other photographers grow and learn.

After all these past few months I have learned about ‘community over competition’ and that there is enough work for us all. That not everyone is looking for the same style photographers. That we all are made so different in our love of art that as photographers we each have our own special clients out there. And when your very own mentors are excited for you and this new journey of helping other photographers… Well that is a blessing in itself.

Now I am beyond thrilled to announce my mentoring sessions!

If you my dear friend are an inspiring photographer… And are interested in taking a class with Tashena Shaw Photography… PLEASE message me! I would love to help you grow too.



  • Helping With Basic Camera Settings
  • How To Challenge Yourself And You Work
  • Answering Questions You May Have
  • Blogging
  • Building A Community
  • And So Much More
  • We Will Also Take A Few Head Shots Of You For Your Websites + Social Media Forms


To Book Your Mentoring Session, And For All The Details Message Us At:





These Tashena Shaw Photography Head Shots Are Courtesy Of The One And Only AMAZINGΒ Amanda Hedgepeth Photography


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