Tips For Capturing The Ring Shot? | Challenges | Wedding Photographer | Virginia

As photographer we sometimes don’t have all the supplies we wish we had to capture key moments during weddings. We wish we had something that could better show off the ring everyone wants to see. We wish something would jump out at us at the time to help us make the ring shot ‘sparkle’ just right. And we have those moments as a wedding photographer were it just doesn’t happen. We have nothing! SO we are forced to take a good detailed shot (a close up) of the ring. And pray that will do the job. Sometimes we get lucky. And sometimes it just wasn’t our best.

So I wanted to show anyone who thinks it can’t be done… That just by the little details you can help a simple ring shot come to life. 🙂

After grabbing 3 of my Great Grandma’s rings… I walked around my home fast and without thinking. Because as wedding photographers we all understand we don’t always have time to search for the perfect prop for our shot. We have to work with what we have.

  • A pink scarf
  • An old tea saucer
  • Some white lace
  • Some flowers from around my house
  • A small silver box
  • My daughters broken journal cover


From there I just placed the ring(s) on or around the prop I thought fit the ring the best. And started to shoot.

I used my Canon 60mm lens to capture these ring shots. ❤ My favorite lens to capture small details.

Yes, these images may have just been thrown together. Yes they may not be the perfect image most would capture. But these images got the job done. And can show that no matter what you have to work with… You too can capture the perfect ring shot with all or very little you may have around you.

Just get creative! Use what you have and make it work.

And don’t be afraid to PRACTICE! That way when the day or moment comes that you know you only have a few moments to get that perfect ring shot. You will know you have what it takes to pull that image together for your client. It may even be an image you are most proud of. ❤

IMG_3835-1 IMG_3844-2

Use anything with glitter!IMG_3910-4 IMG_3916-5 IMG_3939-6

Even the simplest of things like an old tea saucer can help capture a beautiful ring.IMG_4095-9 IMG_4222

Try to look for things that match the ring or style.  That way you can help bring the ring to life more.  ❤IMG_4318-13

I also used my wedding ring to help show that with lace, wild fall flowers, and yes even weeds you can help a ring sparkle.IMG_4423-18

And most of all…  LOOK for natural light.  These images I captured near my kitchen window to help bring more life to the shot.

BUT!  No matter what make sure you have fun.  Look outside the box and use what you have.  Remember the littlest of things can make the best prop and style to show off something everyone will later want to see up close.

I hope this has helped some of you.  I know it may sound silly.  These images may not be perfect.  But just think what you can do if you step of out your own box on your next wedding day.  I can only imagine what you could capture too.  ❤

15 thoughts on “Tips For Capturing The Ring Shot? | Challenges | Wedding Photographer | Virginia

  1. Kierstyn Peterson Photography says:

    Great blog and some really great shots. I once used the bottom of a water glass at a venue because I literally could’t find anything else. Put her bouquet of fake flowers behind it far enough that they would be in bokeh and wallah….she loved it and so did I. You just gotta make the best of it right?

    Liked by 1 person

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