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I’m going to vent my thoughts here a little… So please forgive me for this, as I know we all have moments of needing help too.

I am sharing this because these past few months I have been dealing with a cyber-bully.  And yes anyone can be bullied, harassed, and hurt…  Age doesn’t play a role when dealing with cruel people.  I have now learned who this bully really is.  Because they chose to hide behind a computer instead of being someone who could face someone head on.  I was able to with their slip up of leaving answers to a survey of mine I shared on my photography Facebook page.  I now have their IP address and further information.

The truth is we never really know who are friends are. We think they are these sweet misunderstood souls and we stand by them. Then we turn around and realize they are evil, cruel, and stupid people.

Having to remove and block people from my life now is something I never thought I would have to do again. But I take it that God has other plans for me… And I just have to trust he knows what he is doing in my life.

I never really thought this person was that kind of mean soul. But we all learn something new each day. I don’t want to have to take this information to the police and turn it all over to get this person to stop cyber-bullying me. But I will if I have to. I grew up being bullied. Everyday was hell for me in school. And I don’t just mean the verbal bullying. But the physical as well.

And now as an adult I am being bullied for my past, my photography, my choices I have made to keep my family together, even my faith with our Lord. And I can understand we are all different and view things so differently as well. But why on earth do we need to attack one another because we don’t agree with our thoughts and views? Why do we need to hide behind computers and cell phones? The fact of the matter is… This has nothing to do with me, what I see, believe, feel, my past, or all I have overcome. It comes down to the fact that these bullies HATE themselves! And I (like many others) are just a mirror showing them (the bullies) what they don’t have the strength to be or overcome themselves.

And as much as I want to hate this person. Now knowing who it is from the help of some great friends. As much as I want to scream his name and blast him to no end. I have to forgive him!

So, I will forgive him. I will forgive him for the remarks, post, survey answers he has left me. All in which he was to much of a coward to openly say it all to my face. I will forgive his weakness. I will forgive is hurtful ways. I will forgive his comments that he tried to cut into me. For he is someone our Lord has his hold on. And I a child of God must forgive, as I was forgiven too.

It isn’t easy to forgive or overcome. But with Gods grace I can do it too.

After all I have to remain true to myself, my faith, and our Lord. I pray that this young man can move past whatever hate he has and be a beacon of light for those around him. Instead of feeling that hiding behind a computer/cell phone is the best way to feel better about himself and his life.


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11 thoughts on “Always Remain True To Yourself… | Forgiving A Bully | Personal

  1. Wow people can be cruel. I too went thru a bunch of harassment in middle school, so much so that I opted to be home schooled after that year. You’re so beautiful, seems inside as much as out. Keep doing you and I pray you get past this smoothly!

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  2. No matter what our ages, a bully is always a bully. The internet has given bullies the opportunity to be more cruel, and affect others in more, and sometimes more personal, ways. It’s unfair, but forgiveness is a huge step, and takes a lot of faith and prayer and determination. Proud of you for your choices. Keep up the fantastic work, and keep on forgiving and pushing onwards.

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  3. Oh Tashena! I’m so sorry that you are going through this. We have all been there and had to make purges in our life for the better of our future. Be thankful that you’ve earned a thick skin, that you could handle this, and share it in a way that can comfort others dealing with the same battle. You rock and nothing in your past can define what you have chosen to do now. Keep on keepin’ on, lady boss!

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