Dear 2015 What Greatness Has Come From You… | Thank you Clients | Virginia Beach

What a year it has been… I walked in to 2015 not expecting much and fearing my photography would just crumble around me. That I wouldn’t reach the goals I was dreaming I wanted so much.

But then something in me sparked. I wanted my year to be great, so I made sure that my 2015 would be left with greatness. After praying hard, asking for our Lords guidance, after research and growth, and after MANY photography classes I made 2015 a year of such joy.

I know that I should be excited for 2016… But honestly I am sad to see 2015 go. I was blessed to reach so many new brides, clients, families, And even was blessed to travel to other states to capture some beautiful Brides. I can’t say one bad thing about 2015. ❤

So with the growth I’ve made over the year of 2015 I want to make sure that 2016 will be just as great!

I plan on taking more classes, entering in more photography contest, reaching more clients, capturing more Brides, and growing more than I have in the years to come.

But I know I can say this… I can dream it all I want… But I can’t make it come true without the help of our Lord. I know it is because of him! It is ONLY because our Lord has given me the chance, and ways to make these dreams come true. Our Lord has blessed me with clients I have dreamed of. Chances to work with some amazing models, clients, and brides. Those who have accepted me for me. Those who see my passion and love it. Those who have hired me for being honest, loving, and true to who I am.

So I want to make sure that 2016 is filled with all those great things. I want to make sure I give back to my Brides and Clients as they have given to me.

This coming months Tashena Shaw Photography will be announcing some great deals, offers, and new photography packages. Along with having a ‘Loyal Customers’ rewards program. So if you are reading this… I hope you keep checking back. I hope you are as excited for 2016 as I am!

Before I end this blog I have to thank some people…

MY LOYAL CLIENTS: Thank you for always returning every year for your family photos. Thank you for being the first to refer me to those you know and love. It is something I will NEVER take for granted.

MY PAST BRIDES: Thank you for trusting me to capture such precious moments in your life. And for not only trusting me. But for loving what I have been able to capture for you. YOU all have been my light when it comes to my future Brides. Always showing your love for me and my work. Always willing to send those you love my way as well. And without you all… I wouldn’t have the chance to continue capturing more future Brides. ❤

MY FUTURE BRIDES: Thank you for allowing me the chance as well to capture your day. For taking a chance on this little photographer as I document your special day. You don’t know this now… But you two will allow me many more chances to capture many more Brides for years to come. And you my dears Brides… I thank you!

TO THE MANY CLIENTS TO COME: Thank you for messaging me. Thank you for booking your wedding, lifestyle session, family memories, and any moment you have hired me to capture for you. Thank you for hiring me to help you capture memories that will last a life time. You have entrusted in me the chance to document memories for many years to come.



4 thoughts on “Dear 2015 What Greatness Has Come From You… | Thank you Clients | Virginia Beach

  1. Danielle Blocker says:

    Hi Tashena! I’m so excited to see how awesome your year was + I wish you a fantastic 2016!! I love that you are focused on continuing your education and growing even more than you already have. Would love to meet you someday soon! Have a fabulous day! XO, Dani

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