Bridgette + Tommy | Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

When I got an email from Bridgette asking if I was free to capture her wedding in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina… I was jumping up and down like a little child. I was so excited. You see Bridgette found me all the way from Texas after a past Bride (Iryna) of Tashena Shaw Photography had told her all about me. So reading all of that in one email had put me over the top. Another destination wedding, another Bride, another amazing referral, and another moment to capture what I love to do so much.

Bridgette and Tommy are the kind of loves that you can’t wait to capture. Watching how they would just look at each other was something to admire and was so sweet to watch. Every part of their wedding day was a dream! It may have been a very HOT afternoon in North Carolina… But these tow love birds didn’t even let it bug them. They had so much fun and were full of such beautiful smiles. Watching how Tommy would look at his Bride while she walked to him, watching how his Bride wiped away his tears as they shared their vows with each other, seeing how they pulled and tied together forever their families, hearing the stories that each other shared with their loved ones, all of which made you feel like apart of a love story you only hear about.

You see while I was there capturing their story… Not once did I feel as though I was there to only do a job. Bridgette and Tommy made me feel as though I was apart of the family. There were so many silly moments, laughs, and hugs that as a photographer I can only dream about.

And also being able to work side by side with Brian Cortez their videographer was such a blessing. If you are a Bride reading this and are in need of a fun and reliable videographer… I would suggest non other then Brian. He was PERFECT for the job. 🙂

I don’t think Bridgette and Tommy will ever fully understand how grateful I am for them! To allow me to work with them all the way from Texas (yes you read that right!) as they put together their wedding in North Carolina. For entrusting me to capture memories they dreamed of. And for their outpouring love and support as I shared their images is something I will FOREVER be grateful for !!!

This wedding was one for the books. Everything was perfect. Everything was a dream come true.

Kitty Hawk Pier was always a dream of mine to one day capture a wedding at. And they allowed that dream to come true for me.






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