Abandoned In Virginia | Modeling | Virginia Beach Photographer

I drive by this home every Sunday on my way to church… And I knew for years this precious home was just sitting there with no one around for miles. So after my Husband went with me to explore this area… I just HAD to grab some models and capture whatever I could before this beautiful abandoned home came crashing to the ground.

Thankfully I had 3 models ready to jump at the chance to help me. And we had so much fun!

We learned that this home was over 100 years old, a farm house. She stood hidden behind trees and overgrown grass. All of her windows were broken, you could see the walls were falling down, she still had her furniture all around and in the home as if the owners just vanished over night. She wasn’t wicked looking, or spooky in any way. She stood there as if praying someone would fix her up.

But sadly just last week as I drove by on my way to church… I saw she was no more. She was torn to the ground and destroyed. I am so thankful that I was able to capture even what little images I could of her. For she was the sweetest thing I ever did see.

I know people saw ugly, broken, and spooky… But I saw strong, loyal, forgotten, and a beautiful home.

I just wish she was still standing… Because I would have loved to venture even more through those windows to see what other stories she could have shared with us.


Ryan Alejo
Bridget Storm
Billy Feger


9 Replies to “Abandoned In Virginia | Modeling | Virginia Beach Photographer”

  1. Way to get in there and preserve the memory of this amazing home before it was demolished!!!!! And THATS the beauty in photography. We can preserve beautiful things that may soon be gone. ❤

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