Noah + Taylor | Military Homecoming | Virginia

I will just have to start this blog out with the truth… I wish MORE Americans would go to a military homecoming! You know why? Because you will NEVER understand the true sacrifices our Men and Women give up to keep us all safe. You can never truly understand what a family goes through until you stand their watching the Moms, Dads, Wives, Husbands, Children, Or Friends all those sailors standing around waiting for that ship to pull in. Waiting to see their loved ones face in the crowd. If you ever have the pleasure of such an event… I promise you will NEVER forget what you see! You may even find yourself more grateful then before for your country.

This young sailor Noah came home to so much love. I was blessed to stand around with his family as they told stories of his life. I watched how his Wife Taylor stood proud waiting for her sailor to return to her arms. I saw how his Father and Mother held back tears waiting for their boy to get off that ship. But most of all I saw the pride this family had for Noah.

It was such a pleasure to help document this families love for each other. Seeing some fight back tears, while others were full of laughter… It’s something you will never forget.

Thank you so much Noah and Taylor for the love and sacrifices you have made for your country! I will always be grateful to you all!  ❤


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