We are more then a transaction… | Welcome To Our Family | Virginia Beach Photographer

I know in the photography world there are many photographers who keep their business and personal life separate. In fact they won’t even add you to their Facebook page if they have worked with you.

I on the other hand… LOVE connecting with my clients. I love seeing how they are doing, if they need a friend, help, or just someone to help encourage them through moments in life. I think that’s what separates me from most photographers… And I LOVE that about myself and my photography.

You could be reading this and thinking I’m crazy, and that’s NOT a good way to run a business. And well you may be right. But for me and my photography I find it to be beautiful and perfect!

I have so many brides that have become my best friends. Clients who search me out for help, advice, even to help them in their passions in life.

You see I NEVER want to be that photographer who feels like she is just making a transacting with a client and that is all. To me I am capturing moments that last a lifetime! And when I have clients who return year after year. When I have Brides who return a year later after I have captured their wedding day…  So I can capture another session for them. When I have done a newborn lifestyle session and months later I see them growing strong… It’s these moments in life and my photography that make me love what I do even more.

I believe and LOVE feeling that my clients aren’t just making a transaction with me… But instead an investment that will last a lifetime. Being able to have a returning client book another shoot is such an exciting feeling. Showing up to see that face I have become friends with and have learned more about through our facebook post, or chats at a coffee shop allows me to better capture them again. It allows me the chance to learn what I haven’t the first time. It allows me the chance to capture more of their personality and style in our session together.

So yes, I am THAT photographer who loves her job deeply. I am THAT photographer who becomes your friend after a session, wedding, or just a moment of working together. I am THAT photographer who will be there if I am needed later in life.

It’s who I am. It’s what I do. And that’s what I want people to know about Tashena Shaw Photography.

I want people to know when they book a session or their wedding with us…  That it’s more then a transaction. You are becoming part of the Tashena Shaw Photography family! And I love knowing my clients want and are excited to return each year (if not more) to have their friend Tashena Shaw Photography capture their moments in life again and again.

This ‘job’ is a blessing!

It’s what I love!

It’s why I do what I do!

And I am thankful for all the Brides and Clients I have worked with that have become part of my family now.

So for the potential Bride or Client reading this… Keep in mind… This is who I am and what I love. So if you want to be apart of our photography family. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! And I would LOVE to have you join our family.  I would LOVE to get to know you more.  And I look forward to the many more Brides and Clients Tashena Shaw Photography is blessed to capture.


6 thoughts on “We are more then a transaction… | Welcome To Our Family | Virginia Beach Photographer

  1. Nicole @Little Blog on the Homestead says:

    I love this!! I think connections are so important, in the blog world a lot of people keep a strict barrier between ‘real’ world and their ‘blog’ world…I’m a little more loose with the too. When you share something so personal and special with someone like their wedding, birth, etc it’s hard not to create that connection!

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