Our Dreams… | Allowing God To Guide Us | Virginia Beach Photographer

After these past few days of feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and discouraged at every turn… I woke up today to love, support, and encouraging words from fellow photographers I admire.

We are always learning and growing in life. And there are days we feel alone and hated by those around us. Sometimes as photographers we feel like we are NOT good enough to be in such an industry we are. And there are days I allow the devil in to dwell with me. I allow him the chance to fill my heart and head with heavy thoughts, doubts, and fears.

I admit I hate myself for that. I hate knowing instead of falling to my knees praying to our Lord for help, love, and encouragement… I wallow in self doubt. But today after speaking with a dear friend I realized I do that more than I like or even realize I do.

But thankfully by the grace of God I know all I have to do is look up and ask God to walk (even carry) me through those hard times if needed. And as always he is already there waiting and happily ready to show me he NEVER left me. He never thought less of me. He just needed me to ask.

I feel like today God was answering a prayer I had. I’ve been asking for a long time if I should continue to push my goals and dreams in the path I so want. And today when I woke up to my facebook being filled with so many fellow photographers heading to their VOW Bridal shows. Many of them asking where I was. Many photographers curious as to why I wasn’t there. And when admitting I had never done a show like that… MANY of them stepped up to encourage me to join next year. In fact there were photographers I admire dearly that told me they would help in any way needed to show me I could in fact do this.

This is a scary step for me. And although I know it’s not for another year now… It is still something I am worried I will fail at.

Then I am reminded our Lord is with us! Always encouraging. Always helping. Always loving. And always ready to help carry us through. So I will continue to pray. I will continue to put my faith in our Lord. And I will continue to pray about my photography dreams and all I would love to conquer in this wedding industry.  I just have to remember above everything else that I have to let God guide me where he wants me…  And where I will fit best in this life and in my dreams he has for me.

After all the moment we stop dreaming… We stop growing.

And I have MANY dreams! I can’t wait to see all 2016 will hold for me, my dreams, my photography, my family, and my loved ones.


6 thoughts on “Our Dreams… | Allowing God To Guide Us | Virginia Beach Photographer

  1. Katie Whitcomb says:

    Your heart is so beautiful. As a veteran photographer (10+ years, in fact), the fear of failure doesn’t go aways, but you begin to acquire the strength and courage that you can do this. Girl, keep doing what you’re doing and you will get there.

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