Joan + Eddie | Couples Session | Shore Drive | Virginia Beach

The moment your Mom and Dad allow you to capture them for a couples session together.  My heart was overjoyed!  You see I admire my parents love more then ever…  They taught us so much growing up about love, marriage, and the hard work it takes to keep it going.

I always loved when we (my older brother, myself, and my younger sister) were growing up and my Mom would tell us kids about how they met. My Mom would always walk by my Dad at the bus stop and say, “Hey Eddie. Cute Eddie.” everyday.  My Mom told us how my Father would blush when she would say that.  And still to this day he does when my Mom tells their story. They were 16 and 19 years old when they met. They dated for 4 months before my Father proposed to my Mom… And a month later on August 29th 1980 they said ‘I Do’ to one another for life. Now going on 36 years of marriage they still show us kids what true love is. There are the good days, bad days, the moments you want nothing to do with each other, and the moments you can’t live without each other. I watched my parents overcome so much like my Moms fight with breast cancer, my father surviving a head on collision with a drunk driver, and so many other things. But it was always their love that helped them overcome so much. Always teaching us that love and your marriage are worth fighting for.
So when they met me for a couples session I was so excited!  You see my parents aren’t ones for jumping in front of a camera… And I wanted them to have images without the ‘selfie style’ image. And I was so in love with how their session turned out.


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