Christina Patac | Mini Session | Virginia Beach Town Center

The moment your Instagram brings you the most sweetest and kindest of women. Christina and I have been Instagram friends for awhile now. I always loved watching her share her adventures with her children and family. So I knew the moment I asked one Sunday morning for an everyday young lady to join me at The Virginia Beach Town Center for a mini session… And this young beauty was the 1st to reply… I was overjoyed knowing she would be the best fit to help me.

Christina’s smile is infectious. She has the presence about her that draws everyone to her. A way of just smiling and showing the world the love she has for her family and children. It was such a pleasure to have her join me for a mini session.

And as you can see… Just by these very simple images you can see what I mean. Those who are apart of Christina’s life must be some amazing and lucky people! Because I know I was blessed to just be able to finally meet this beauty and capture her uniqueness.

I can’t wait till the next time I have the pleasure to work with her again. ❤


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