A Cruel Joke On April 1st | A Little Personal | Virginia Beach

Since social media has taken over our lives we sometime forget what our post can do to those around us. With tomorrow being April Fools day… I am asking all those who read this to take a moment a watch what we say, share, post, or even the pictures we share to those on our social media accounts. With this being said I have watched over these past few years how every April 1st young ladies post how they are ‘pregnant’ and then as the day goes on and the post ring in… The young ladies will announce it is a joke. And in return I watch another side of Ladies post how they are grieving the lose or grieving the children they could never carry.

I can personally account for these stories as I know a few AMAZING Women who have struggled with this… And who have never been able to carry a little one in to this world.

We forget that these ‘little jokes’ hold memories and ties to those around us. The daily struggle of trying to bring life in to this world is very real for Women and Men.

You don’t know everyone’s story and their personal struggles. I can tell you many things about my life NOT MANY know of. And maybe with time those secrets and struggles of mine I will one day share with you all too. I just want many of you to understand that the days of grieving and trying to create life inside of your belly is a REAL struggle, are REAL pains, and are REAL stories of those around us.

I myself know that struggle. It’s a story only a few know. It’s a story that has many long nights, many days and nights of tears flowing from my eyes, and even pain I don’t wish on my worst enemy. Even now as I write this out I can’t come to bare sharing my whole story. Because it is that painful, and that hard to even think about.

So PLEASE if you are even thinking of doing an Aprils Fools joke… PLEASE keep in mind the Women and Men around you who will sign on to their social media accounts and see these things. PLEASE if you see another friend or acquaintances posting such hurtful and cruel jokes…. PLEASE share this blog with them. Inform them of the hurt they may be causing to those around them.

We all have pasts, we all have secrets, and many of us have secrets of pain and loss we can NOT bare to share with those we love, never mind have met for the first time.

I wasn’t going to write a post like this here… But after reading a young lady post about how people need to STOP being babies and getting so upset over jokes like these. My heart felt the need to share. I pray she doesn’t ever know the pain of this kind of loss. I pray she never has to struggle with her body being at war with herself. I pray she can try to empathize with those around her… And realize the pain that it is to NOT be able to bring a child into this world they way we all dream of.

So PLEASE I beseech you all… This is NOT funny… This is NOT a joke… These are in FACT CRUEL POST AND JOKES FOR ATTENTION that isn’t needed. There are better ways of playing jokes, and getting laughs, or attention from those around us.

With that being said… I pray for those reading this, and those who may struggle or struggles in the past with pregnancy. I pray God gives you peace and understanding in today’s world, and with your inner struggles you fight with. I know those struggles and fears. You’re NOT alone. You are loved. And you are wanted more then you will ever understand.



5 thoughts on “A Cruel Joke On April 1st | A Little Personal | Virginia Beach

  1. Emilee says:

    These are indeed cruel jokes that can hurt not only those struggling with conception and miscarriages, but also family, friends, and even lovers. The life plans change instantly when one becomes pregnant, for better or worse, and to make light of such a serious and complicated event is foolish. I’m sorry there are such fools in this world, Tashena. We should do our best to ignore them and not give the, the time of day with their ill-formed shenanigans.

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