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After working with so many Brides and sharing my stories with them of why I love what I do, why I capture the images I choose to, and why I know these images mean so much to us. I thought I would pull some of those images in to this Blog so that you may better understand the reasons for choosing the perfect wedding photographer for you and your special day.

You see… Over the years I have received so MANY messages about Brides looking for a good deal, Brides not wanting to spend much, Brides only looking for so many hours of coverage, and I could go on and on. But when I sit with my Brides and explain the reasons for why I LOVE capturing weddings. And why I LOVE capturing moments that my Brides will cherish. Once I explain to them of the one wedding photo I own and how my heart melts every time I see it… Because in that moment of getting ready myself I had missed it. And how I was so thankful my wedding photographer Sarah did NOT miss it. So it’s one of the many images I cherish to this day.

I think in the moments of getting our wedding days together we forget the reasons we hire someone to document our day. We forget the meaning those images will hold for us.

I can’t tell you how many Brides say they don’t need my services and then return after there wedding is over to me and mention how upset they are that they missed something, they wish they hired someone better, or how they just wish they would have taken these images more to heart. Because now it’s to late to return those moments to images. It’s to late to re-document those moments. Because they are now lost forever.

And I know we all can’t afford the best photographers in the world. THIS IS NOT THE REASON FOR ME SHARING THIS! I AM NOT TELLING YOU THAT YOU CAN’T HAVE IMAGES LIKE THIS UNLESS YOU HIRE ‘BIG TIME’ PHOTOGRAPHER. I am simply expressing my reasons for choosing who I did and why I cherish my wedding images so much. So that maybe if you are a Bride thinking ‘wedding images’ aren’t on your list of things to have… Just maybe you will understand the GREATNESS for having these images captured and documented as I was blessed to do. ❤

Here you will find some wedding images I cherish and the reasons for which I do.


1Any Mommy can understand this one…  Watching as 2 of your best friends get your little girl ready for our BIG day.  Because after all it was her day too.  Her Mommy & Daddy were going to make her family complete.  She even picked out her very own white dress and silver shoes.

2THIS WAS THE MAIN IMAGE THAT I CHERISH TO THIS DAY:  I never got to see these moments right here.  I was making sure the flowers were ready and getting myself ready as well.  And my 2 best friends took great care of my little beauty.  I LOVED seeing this one where she was having her hair fixed while putting on her fancy shoes.  ❤


4This look of my little beauty…  Taking it all in.  And getting all dressed up like a princess.  ❤

5I LOVE THIS PERFUME!  Smells of Gardenias…  My favorite flower and what I always wanted to wear in my hair on my wedding day.

6She asked our photographer so beautifully to take a picture of her fancy shoes with her Mommy.  ❤

7She even asked if we could have picture taken while we waited…  ❤

8My Mama and little sister helping me get ready.  ❤

9I HATE taking pictures.  Anyone who knows me knows this VERY much.  But Sarah made sure I felt at ease and captured images I still love to this day.

10My Mom and Sister!  ❤

11My beautiful Mum-In-Law!  ❤


Sarah captured my Hubby in this moment as we were getting ready to walk in.  🙂

13I love this image my Father giving me away…  As everyone I love is in this image.  I was starting to cry…  And my Hubby gave me that look like “Please don’t.  I’m going to cry too.” And we all knew we both would have balled our eyes out….  So we all started laughing.  It was a moment to cherish.

14Praying with my love….  ❤

15A kiss, my ring, and the gardenia flower not only in my hair but in my bouquet!  ❤

16Our little beauty running up to us while we were taking out photos after we said our vows.  She was so excited and over joyed.  That Mike and I picked her up to hug her.  But like a little one she jumped down to run and play.  And Sarah captured that for us.

17Sarah had to stop taking pictures because a few moments later our little bumped her head.  (in the colored photo you can see a red mark on her)…  But as we were comforting her Sarah captured yet again another moment for our family that we cherish.  ❤

18Us girls waiting around and being silly!  🙂


Our little beauty wanted to bring her purse after the wedding was over to dress up more…  And started to run around…  He she was running between the Grooms Men’s picture time.  ❤

20Saying our hellos and thank yous…  And here she captured us as we found some of our BEST friends!  🙂  ❤

21So much dancing and having fun…  Our little girl was dancing the night away.  Sarah captured our beauty dancing with her best friend Rashid.  Every time she would see Rashid she would scream and giggle,  “My Sheed!  My Sheed!”  Oh how she loved him.  ❤  And he loved her too.  And you could see it here.  Another image I will always cherish.

22The end of the night…  Dancing and singing.  Smiles and giggles…  And the moments my Hubby Mike grabbed me and started to dance with me when I didn’t see it coming.  Everyone around us kicking off their shoes, having some drinks, and celebrating with us.

You see…  To you and many other these are just everyday pictures.  But to me, my loves, and family…  These images mean so much more.  Oh, how I would share EVERY wedding image I own with you all because I love them so much.  But I just wanted to express just what these moments mean to us Brides.  And that by taking some time to find that perfect photographer who can help document these images for you…  Will in the end be more priceless then you could ever dream of.

I hope that when you finish reading this…  And see what images mean the most to me as a Bride.  Maybe just maybe you will grow to cherish and WANT these moments documented as well for yourself.

Yes, these images are NOT perfect.  Things could be changed, and images could be different.  But to me these are PERFECT!  They are why I chose the photographer I did.  Because I knew in my heart just by speaking with her that she was the perfect fit for us.  And still to this day she is in our lives and documenting so much for us.

So Dear Brides and Brides to be…  PLEASE understand the importance of picking your photographer that fits you.  DON’T just pick anyone who has a camera.  DON’T just pick someone to save money.  DON’T just say they are pictures anyone can take.  Because no other photographer could have got these images for me like Sarah did.  NONE of them could have shown me memories over and over again each year.  NONE of them could make me cherish my images the way I do to this day.

I’m NOT telling you to break the bank.  I’m NOT telling you to hire me.  I’m NOT telling you what to do.  I’m just expressing the reason behind why I love what I do.  And why as a Photographer and Bride…  I know what I am looking for and why being there with you is so important through your day.


So look with an open heart when you choose that ‘perfect’ photographer for you.  After all you may never know…  They could be your photographer for life…  Maybe even turn into your best friend.  ❤

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