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I can still remember it all like it was yesterday… The awful doctors appointments, the being told I wouldn’t carry my baby to term, all the doctors who had lists of things that were wrong with the child growing in my belly, and the moments I knew no matter what this life was worth fighting for. That no matter what he would be loved and fill a place in our hearts for all these years to come. I remember the morning of his due date so clearly. The Hubby wanted to stay home with us because he had a feeling our little bean was ready to make his big entrance to the world. And well after a great lunch with my family at Kevin’s Dog House. Enjoying some hot dogs, Brunswick stew, french fries, and a root-beer to drink… Seems our little Michael was all ready to make his entrance. Because not even an hour later Mommy and Daddy were headed off to the hospital. His little sister kissed the belly, and promised to be good for Nina and her Papa. She even told her Brother to be a good boy too for Mama & Dada. We headed to the hospital and began our journey to bring our son in to this world. I still can remember every moment of the day, every thought, every emotion, every fear, and every moment of pain. But I still wouldn’t change one moment of it all. God sure knew what he was doing by placing him in our family. This little man has proven the world and all those doctors wrong… Showing us all that our Lord has the final say.

Michael has always been a strong, spunky, carefree, joy, full of laughter, sharing hugs and kisses, little man who loves his big sister with all his heart, a Daddies boy who loves cars and Monday night wrestling with his Daddy, a little man who snuggles with his Mommy and shares those stories of his crazy dreams with, he is our light and our love. WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL OUR LORD GAVE OUR FAMILY THIS PRECIOUS GIFT. My heart is forever full with such a brave, loud, and loving child.

So with that said I wanted to share some images that express just the loving, wild, silly, and carefree soul Michael is.


I’m so proud of the young man you are becoming.

We love you!

(Please forgive the iPhone pictures…  They are mixed in the the good ones as well.  But our priceless to me.  So I had to share.)


His Proud BIG sister…  Holding his 1st picture.  Waiting for him to come out and meet her.

❤ 234Daddy showing BIG sister her new Brother…  And how to take care of him.  ❤  Such a wonderful memory.  God blessed me with an amazing Man who I adore and who adores us.

5Laying on his new home floor…  After his shots from his doctor.  😦

7Our first family photos…  As you can see…  He was full of himself.  Talking up a storm and blowing Raspberries,  lol.

🙂8910Waiting for his Nina to come and get him,  ❤


Watching his BIG sister play outside with her friends.


Silly faces with his Mama!  ❤


All about dum-dums after his doctors appointment.  ❤


Holding sissy’s Wolfie while calling up the stairs to his Daddy,  lol.




Always happy to make his sissy smile…  Even if it means wearing the same shirt, lol.


Playing in the rain!  ❤


Dancing and being silly while waiting for sissy’s bus to summer camp.  ❤


He adores her!  And she adores him!  My heart is full.  ❤


Our little big man broke his arm…  But was such a champ about it all.  🙂


Serious conversation with his Daddy at lunch…  ❤


When your sister says, “Strike a pose!”  And this is the look you give, lol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!  You keep us busy and full of life.  God sure knew you were the perfect fit for our family.  ❤

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