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Yesterday morning was full of clouds and rain… A day that was to be filled with sunshine, giggles, and smiling families waiting for their loved ones return. But, the weather had other plans for these families. Instead it was full of rain drops, splashing in puddles, and a smiling little one cheering for her Daddy.

Sara and her Daughter Scarlett made David’s homecoming a day full of love and giggles. There wasn’t a moment that passed that Scarlett wasn’t smiling and looking for her Daddy. She knew he was coming… And she made sure to stay happy and bounce around while we all waited for her Daddy’s ship to pull in.

I think the greatest thing from this whole homecoming was watching Sara being such a sweet Mommy. She made sure to come prepared with snacks and little toys for her little one. Sara was such a joy to watch with her little one. Allowing her Daughter to be a child and splash around and find the beauty of the day. I have to admit I am sure I would have been one of the Mommies crying in the corner with all the rain and mixed feelings running through me. But to watch Sara show what a real military spouse is on the home front. Holding the family together while still allowing a child to be a child was a blessing to watch. She truly is one VERY strong woman. And I will never forget their homecoming.

As the ship finally docked and the sailors were coming off the ship… Our Lord made sure to make sure the sun poured through just enough to warm everyone up so they could embrace those they loved and missed for 7 months.

I am still in shock how we stood there in the pouring rain looking like hot messes… But still being able to capture the joy and excitement all around us. This surly is a homecoming for the books. One I will surly be proud to say, “YES! That was a homecoming I was blessed to be apart of.” ❤

These images may not be filled with perfect faces, dry and perfect hair, may not even be the images you expect for a homecoming… But I can promise you that these images are full of LOVE, GIGGLES, EXCITEMENT, AND MEMORIES THAT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

Thank you so much Sara for allowing me the chance to stand in the pouring rain with you as we took on the excitement and crazy weather God had planned for this homecoming. You my dear of a Woman I am proud to say I know… An amazing Mom, Wife, and Client anyone could ever ask for.

God bless you and your family for all you sacrifice and endure on the home-front. ❤


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16 thoughts on “David + Sara | Military Homecoming | Virginia

  1. Awesome! What a beautiful story and amazing that you made the best out of the rain. Love the happiness, excitement and sunshine shining through in Scarlett’s face. Great captures. 🙂

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  2. So adorable!! I love how you ended the image selection with just the back of the little girl’s head. To me it felt like the images were almost through her eyes and something great for her to look back on when bringing her daddy home! Great job with the images!

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  3. So thankful for all of these brave sailors that unselfishly protect our shores, and thankful too for the spouses that loan their loved ones to us and patiently wait in the rain for them to return home. Great images!!

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