The Day In The Life Of This Mama! | Happy Mama’s Day! | Virginia Beach

Yes, you read that right… I say ‘Mama’s Day’ because I am not the biggest fan of the word Mother. Just can come off sounding so rude. So with that said… HAPPY (late) MAMA’S DAY TO ALL MY MOMS OUT THERE!

Sunday was a lazy day for me. Nothing over the top… Just sweet and simple. An everyday Sunday filled with love, Church, fun, giggles, gardening, coffee, steak dinner made by my Hubby, playing outside with my family, and enjoying time with my family.

I normally never turn my photography business off…  but for holidays… And this Sunday I just had too. My children were excited to show me all the had planned with their Daddy… My Hubby wanted me to relax and to not have to worry about a thing (no cleaning. no nothing.) I was to just relax and do what I wanted to do. And so I did… With my family! ❤

Please forgive all my iPhone pictures here… As they really don’t tell my story well. But, at least I captured moments along the way. I shall explain them as you look through them. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed my Mama’s Day. ❤


My little ones…  Cheesy faces and all waiting for Daddy to bring our ‘Cook Out’ to the table.  ❤


My little man helping his daddy get the drinks…  Because Mommy wasn’t allowed to move.  And then in the next picture…  My son stole my ‘Banana Pudding’ milkshake.  But how could I get upset over that?  Look at that face, lol.


Leave it to my Hubby to always be silly and give the ‘Thumbs Up’ in a picture, lol.


My little ones wanted to take Mama to get flowers for the garden after lunch…  Here she is holding pink and purple flowers…  All because they were pretty to add she told us.


Leave it to my son to be very serious as we wait to be checked out…  LOL!


The flowers I found and my little beauty helped me collect…  Now to put them all in the garden…  ❤


VERY dirty hands…  And this picture doesn’t even do it justice…  They were BAD!  But I loved playing in the garden to much with my babies.  ❤


Our garden almost done…  And as you can see our dog Eleanor is sitting and watching us, lol.


Family being family…  And the Hubby being a BIG KID too, lol.


Some of my special gifts…  As you can see Michael wanted Mommy to have ‘green’ flowers.  ❤


My steak dinner, a twice baked potato, corn, a margarita to drink, and  caramel apple tarts for dessert…  All sent in by my wonderful Mum-In-Law from Omaha Steaks.  ❤


And to end the day with baths…  And silly family photos…  ❤  I was showered with love and time…  And that’s all this Mommy wanted for her day.  Her Hubby beside her…  My babies in my arms…  And wonderful memories to add to all the ones I already hold.  ❤

And all though these images aren’t the best…  They still mean the world to me.  ❤

SIDE NOTE:  It will be war later this week with my son.  I’m going back for my milkshake, lol.  My son replied…  “Game On Mama!  BRING IT!”  lol.


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