Christina Reynolds | Modeling | Teaching | Virginia Beach Ocean Front

The day started out beautifully… We knew we had a chance of showers in the evening but we decided to shoot anyway. After all I’m NOT one to turn down working with a new Model. Christina was so excited to shoot with me. She came prepared with styles, outfits, and makeup ready to go. Even making sure she did her own after her scheduled session with a make up artist fell through. Christina didn’t show one ounce of fear. But instead took on this session like a champ. She was so pleasant to work with.

You see since she was still learning and growing in the photography world I made sure to take it one step at a time… Making sure to give suggestions and tips as we progressed though our session together. Making sure to encourage and talk to her as we were shooting… So that she wouldn’t feel odd standing there. And just as I knew she would… Christina listened to everything I said. She made sure to take my tips and run with them. And the outcome was golden.

I LOVE how Christina has a love of shoes, dresses, and pinup modeling.  It made our session together even more fun…  And she had a spunk about her that the camera just loves.

While we were chatting between changes and styles… We watched the storm roll in. We almost thought we were going to have to make a run for it because of how the clouds all looked around us. Watching how the waves picked up and the sand whirled around us.

We had so many ideas… And Christina was even willing to shoot in the water… But sadly we had to speed things up and change our plans for our ideas. But watching Christina take on the storm and embrace this session together was a dream to watch.

Almost everything went wrong… Everything from missing props, we couldn’t find our red & white strip straws for our Coca-Cola part, never-mind the fact I couldn’t find the old class bottles anywhere, everything and anything was going wrong. But while shooting with Christina I watched how these things ended up not mattering in the end. Because like an AMAZING MODEL… Christina took it all on… And had a blast doing so.

Thank you so much Christina for joining me on this adventure. I can’t wait to watch you grow in your love of modeling. As well as having the chance to work with you again in the future.

You are a treasure Christina… And I thank you for the fun and crazy filled session we captured together.




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