Meet My Little Beauty Tashina! | Personal | Virginia Beach

She is our light, our beauty, a sweet & caring big sister, a daughter we are most proud of, and a soul that everyone falls in love with. She shares my name, she loves art, and music, loves to dance, and wrestle with her Daddy. She is our little beauty!  A young lady who loves to play in the dirt…  While still getting her nails painted.  A tomboy and princess all rolled into one.

You see when I was pregnant with her… I wanted her to have a strong Native American name like mine. (As we have strong Native American blood running through us.)  But every name I found just didn’t speak to me. It didn’t say, “THIS IS IT! THIS IS MY LITTLE GIRL!” And then it hit me. I loved my name dearly. I was always proud of my name. And I thought if men could name their sons after them… Then I could do the same. And before I could even say that to my Husband Mike… He made sure to say it first. I remember him telling me, “I love your name. It’s a strong name. And our little girl is strong. Let’s give her your name.” So we made sure she would share her Mama’s name but with one letter changed to keep her identity one to grow into as well.

TASHINA Meaning:  Quiet One

Native American:  Cherokee

Pronounced:  Da-Shee-Na 

We have watched this sweet little soul grow in to a strong willed, funny, creative, brave, and outgoing little beauty. Now she is growing and we can’t stop it… Like all parents we just wish we could bottle her up. But I am forever in love with her. She is growing before our eyes into a young lady who we are so proud to call our Daughter.

During this little photo session she wanted to wear her birthday dress and her cowgirl boots she got in Mississippi with her Nana. She wanted to just show off her dress and play in the sun. While capturing Tashina I was in love all over again. Watching her smile and giggle at me. Watching her stop to pick flowers and twirl around. She is strong and brave. She is sweet and loving. She is our little beauty.

So I hope you enjoy some of these little images… As I enjoyed capturing them. ❤


This last image was taken in Mississippi back in April.  I caught her twirling in the sun.  ❤


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