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It’s Friday morning and life is crazy! I’m going to be honest here… Life can suck sometimes. Like really suck! There are days I want to scream, and sometimes I do. I’m not always the best Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, or Friend. I have my good moments and my bad. I am only human.

I share this because over the past few months I have received little messages and emails here and there with people praising me on my love for my family, how I act, who I am, how I have it all together, how they wish they had a love like my Husband and I, as well as how I am so great with my kids.

So I wanted to share this…  It is by the grace of God that I can have the life I do.  And to be so blessed.  But like all people…  I am a sinner…  And I have my dark moments as well as my shiny and bright one.  We are all human beings fighting to have great lives and just be happy.  And I’m just blessed enough that our Lord knows I am a sinner and yet shows me grace and ways to better moments in my life.  Way to be a better Wife, Mom, and so on down the line…

I know people look at me and think I am crazy… Or maybe they look at me and think I have it all… Maybe they look at me and think the worst about me. But I am sure what they all have thought… I have thought far worse of myself.

You may see the pretty garden out front, me playing with my kids outside in our yard playing chalk and giggling.

I see in return the hard work it took to put that garden together and how it could look better,  I see flaws.  I remember the moment I just yelled (very angry of silly stuff & kids being kids.  But I was having a Not-Nice-Mom moment.) at my kids and was about to lose my mind… Till I took them outside and in to the sun to play.  Allowing us both to be able to breathe and compose ourselves.  Allowing God to show and teach me grace through my children, their giggles and unconditional love for me.

You may see well put together kids sitting calmly and eating their dinner. And the sweet manners they have when they speak to the waiter.

I remember screaming to get them cleaned up and out the door in time… I remember the moment before the waiter walked by smiling that I was telling my son to stop getting mad and act like a big boy.  I remember the hard work it takes to make sure my children are using their manners and acting like well behaved children.

You may see the lady (photographer) on Facebook posting something sweet and loving about a moment in her life.

I remember the hour before I was feeling low and sad about my day.  I remember feeling terrible for getting upset my son wanted a moment me with…  But I had to answer clients back for fear of them getting upset I didn’t answer fast enough.  (Although I know my clients fully understand I am a Mm too.  But that’s is my fear.)  But then moments later it was something very little that put that smile on my face that I wanted to share with the world.  It was our Lord showing me again grace through moments in my life.

You see how much I love and cherish my Husband, and may think we have the PERFECT life (relationship/marriage).

I remember the crazy days and nights years ago AND YES even some now…  The moments we fought so hard to make it through the hurtful, wrong, and CRAZY moments in our life.  I remember how hard a marriage is and although we may disagree on things and argue… We fight for our love, family, and each other.

You see the pretty shiny things in my life…

And I see all the dirt and grime I (my family) had to scrub away and work hard to polish up.  I see God showing me the improvements I need to make…  And the moments I must show grace to others…  I see my life not to BRIGHT AND SHINY…

My point is… We all have the good and the bad. The right and the wrong. The beauty and the beast. The best life has to offer and the worst of all hell breaking loose.

We all have those days and moments. So the thing is… Yes we smile and wish we had the life of the one next door, the couple at church, the young couple just married, the single couple traveling the world without a care in the world, the young college student living up life. But we have to remind ourselves that all though we see their shiny moments… They too have dark and hard days they had to work for as well. And maybe they just pulled themselves through a dark moment before you saw them shining in the light.

So no matter how off your day is. Or how much you hate the moment you are in. Just remember it is YOUR life! And you have to work through the dirty and old parts… To get to the shiny and beautiful moments too.

Life is beautiful!

Choose no matter what to walk in the sunshine, dance in the rain, and kiss the ones you love… Because we all have those moments. Some of us just hide it better then others.

Allow God to help show you his grace and love he has for us all.  ❤

Life is beautiful!

Enjoy the ride you have!

Choose to see the Roses on the table… Rather then the dust on the floor. ❤


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10 thoughts on “Choose To See The Roses… | God’s Grace For Us | Personal | Encouraging | Virginia Beach Photographer

  1. All the Yeses to this my friend!! This is a perfect example of how the Reel looks perfectly manicured but the Real is a much different story. Thank you for this reminder that God’s grace truly is all we need to get through the struggles of each day. And in the end, things are exactly the way they are supposed to be, even if thats not the way we necessarily want them (or planned for them)to be

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