CONGRATULATIONS Candace + Tammy | Rodan + Fields | Sandbridge Beach | Virginia Beach

Those moments you think it’s just going to be an event to capture like all the others… Then you are there watching these Ladies and their families interacting with one another. You watch how they are all excited and overjoyed for the event that is about to take place… The reason they all traveled from all over The United States to come together to celebrate two souls that have earned themselves a Lexus car for all the hard work they have done. Then you think in the mist of all the joy, “This isn’t like the rest. There is truly something different here.”

I showed up to this sweet Sandbridge beach home and like all my events I found my client who reached out to me… This time it was a beautiful young lady named Tammy. I had introduced myself and begun to capture the event around me… And in that moment of speaking with Tammy I had already realized how much this young Lady loved what she did. Her heart was already full of so much love that was about to be poured on those around her. And that made me even more excited to capture this day. Watching how Tammy was explaining to me the gifts she was going to be giving her team and the meaning behind ‘The Giving Keys’ I watched how she was filled with tears because she was truly giving a gift from the heart. And it made me fall in love with Tammy even more. A true loving spirit she is!

The day had gone on like most… Everyone was showing up (all in white and dressed so beautifully)… I begun to take candid moments and even those they were asking for. Moments of their team on the beach. Moments of them with their Lexus cars they had earned with all their hard work. And as I was capturing these families and their children… I was lucky enough to be able to chat with them as I did this. It was almost like a family reunion. No one made anyone feel out of place. They laughed and giggled with each other. They pulled each other in with love and cherished the moments around them. I love how Candace was telling me about her team and what she was looking to capture. I love how she has this spunk about her… Something that could pull anyone to her. She was full of life and love as well as her teammate Tammy was.

Through out the time of this event I captured anything I could. Making sure to show each family and team as they are. Showing they moments they were there for as well as moments they would cherish along the way as a team.

I could go on and on about this group. But what I want to make clear out of all of this is… They aren’t just these Ladies that came together to brag about what they have done, or to pull more people in to their business… They were there to show love, grace, and peace on those they love. And to me (as a photographer) watching this all unfold was a gift in itself. A blessing unlike any other.

You really could feel how they loved each other.

I hope that one day I will be able to meet this group again along the way… Because they truly have left a stain on my heart. A blessing I hope they know they have ALL left me.

This whole team is full of so much love! I wish them all nothing but the best life has to offer them. And I can’t wait to hear about their many adventures along the way this coming year.

Thank you so much Tammy & Candace for inviting me to capture such an event. It’s clients like you and your team that make me LOVE what I do with all my heart.



The Necklace Gift:  The Giving Keys

Catering Service:  TIME 2 EAT

Desserts:  Nothing Bundt Cakes

The Teams Company:  Rodan + Fields 

Team Gift:  When It Rains Paper Co

Sandbridge Beach Home:  Aquatic Dreams




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