Those Behind The Scenes Images… And The Image They Made | Photographer At Work | Personal | Virginia Beach Photographer

I get asked all the time… “Did you really take that picture?” And my all time FAVORITE question… “Can that ‘little’ camera REALLY do the job?”

Oh, the money I would make if I got paid every time someone asked those question and so many other silly ones. I admit I laugh to myself. Because as the photographer I understand that the Artist behind the lens is the one who create that image, NOT the camera. (Although yes, the camera and photographer are one. But the camera is a tool more then the creator of the image.) The photographer must understand their settings, environment, and the client/model they are working with to be able to get the image they want. I for one have worked hard for years to get my work at the skill and style I love.

HERE IS A SECRET ABOUT (me) YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER: I have a VERY hard time learning. Sometimes I have to study something for a REALLY long time before it will stick with me. And even then my Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia cause me to have to work harder at it, and moments of doing something for hours before it sticks with me forever.

I share that secret because I can’t tell you how many times I have been told growing up… “You wont have a good job. You will work fast food for a living. You won’t amount to much in this life.”

Well… It was those comments from teachers as well as kids that would PUSHED me to become more. I admit this started as a hobby. Helping friends and loving my camera. But that love became a passion… And that passion became my life!

So after years of capturing images, people, clients, Brides, and Models… I found that over those years people would take a picture of me working. And when I would be sent the image, or find it online, I would then giggle. Because I saw how silly I looked or even would remember the moment I took that image.

I share these behind the scenes images with you as well as the final product… NOT to say ‘This is what I do’ but to show my potential future clients/models and those who I have already been blessed to capture… Just what I love to do. And why I LOVE it so much.

I share these to show those young souls that if you work HARD at what you love & push past the negativity you too can have a job and life you love!

Those days, nights, crazy weather, hard clients, crazy models, best friends, Brides, and everyone before and to the future… Have made me LOVE photography even more.

So when I am working and my Hubby shows me a picture when I get home, or a client send me an image, or even the Mom of the model messages me with images of me working… I giggle and smile. Because I love what I do and why I do it.

Here are some images of me working… And then the final product.

I hope you enjoy !!!






































8 Replies to “Those Behind The Scenes Images… And The Image They Made | Photographer At Work | Personal | Virginia Beach Photographer”

  1. Love this: “But the camera is a tool more then the creator of the image.” And those photos? Wow! Inspired me to take someone to photograph me at work too! The work behind your photos is huge, but it pays off in the results!

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  2. Thanks for sharing behind the scenes. I always laugh that my brides or models look super cute and have great makeup and I’m there with a messy top knot and running shoes. Love the story you’ve shown of process to final product!!

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